Transition to remote learning, study abroad failures, counseling fiascos, virtual commencement ceremonies, and transferring inquiries is all unfair. The current COVID-19 pandemic is now becoming an added stress factor to the lives of the many students who worked closely to achieve their spring semester courses, and academic goals, in the once known face-to-face settings.

Now more than ever, PCC students remain confused, and rightfully so, as to what their future will look like. As California officially declared a stay-at-home order, what does that mean for the remainder of our academic semester?

Sadly, staying home is our new reality as this option will only get us closer to seeing an end to it all rather than the risky decision of returning to the classroom any time soon.

The rise in exposure cases and deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. have now surged to an all time high, overriding the numbers of previous week’s statistics. We cannot be selfish when it comes to how serious COVID-19 can affect students if returned to on campus learning. Social distancing rules need remain in place, as it is a large regulator for what occurs in today’s public spaces. If we return to classes, this does just the opposite, as tables and chairs would occupy less than the requested six feet apart distance.

It would be thoughtless of PCC not to close down for the rest of the semester due to the fact of how quickly the virus is spreading. Cases roseto 2,474 in L.A. County, with 15 being in Pasadena. Closing the campus for only four weeks would do no good, and it would be much better if we play it safe and close for eight weeks or more to have a “greater impact on mitigating [the disease],” according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained in a recent CNN news article.

Today, online help can be found at our fingertips, with mobile accessibility available for PCC campus resources. Canvas navigation has served as a base platform for most classroom settings here at PCC. Students can also continue to access Lancerpantry services remotely through their social media platforms. The new experiences through which some now call “Zoom University” will be one that will go down in history.

Fully understanding the seriousness of COVID-19 should allow us to accept the fact that closing the campusis a must. The exposure to all 27,000 students on a day to day basis is too much of a risk when we all want to continue our education, and living, to say the least. PCC’s closure is what’s best for our safety and protection.

UPDATE: At the time of this writing, the campus was scheduled to reopen after spring break on the 20th of April. However, in an email sent out on Monday, Mar. 30, PCC announced they would cancel face-to-face classes for the rest of the term.

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