Is getting a haircut, or a few hours of fun in an amusement park, really more important than saving lives?

Protests against the COVID-19 ‘safer at home’ orders have spread across the nation, and the concerns expressed couldn’t be more disingenuous and outrageous. These protestors claim they are exercising their First Amendment right, which allows them to voice their demands like reopening amusement parks and other superficial places like hair salons.

This is a terrible move on the part of the protestors. The only thing that will come from those rallies will be more infected people, thus prolonging the ‘safer at home’ orders.

COVID-19 has been proven to be a deadly pandemic, and people not only have the audacity to protest against it, but also express outrageous concerns that hold no merit.

In the wise words of Kourtney Kardashian, “there are people that are dying!”

Many people have taken their concerns to Twitter to express their feelings about the recent protests, and many claim that the protests have nothing to do with COVID-19. And the paradox is, most of the people that are protesting against the virus are wearing gloves and masks.

The city of Los Angeles has done the right thing and re-enforced the ‘stay at home’ orders by handing out citations and arresting those who are noncompliant. This is the only way to keep these protests from getting out of hand.

In Wisconsin, an estimate of 2,000 people marched to the Wisconsin capitol. Most of the attendees were not wearing any protective gear, and the worst part is they were all standing shoulder to shoulder.

These people have the right to protest and voice their opinions–after all, it is their constitutional right. But gathering in large amounts and standing right next to one another is not the best way to go about it.

Gathering in large amounts can usually translate into a successful protest, but not in this instance. The coronavirus spreads through close contact, and the CDC advises people to at least be six feet apart. Protestors are overtly disregarding their safety and standing shoulder to shoulder. They could be standing next to someone who is asymptomatic and not even know it. For this reason, it is important to wear protective gear. Dozens of protestors could already be exposed to the virus due to their carelessness.

The recent protests are simply irresponsible. It is appalling to see that some people are more concerned about superficial things and have no regard for their own safety, and that of others. Protesting from home could be just as effective as going outside. If people do wish to take the fight outside, they should at least refrain from gathering too close to one another, and always wear a mask.

The best way to reopen America is to stay at home and reduce the number of infections. Only then, will people be able to return and indulge in their formal activities.

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