With the already added weight of COVID-19 against people getting their daily routine done, students are one of the groups in society mostly affected by the pandemic by having classes online only. Unfortunately, it would most likely be a terrible decision.

Online classes do not work for every major offered at PCC, with a notable example being STEM courses, along with art majors, and any other course offered that deals with hands-on learning. Continuing with the courses till the fall semester would also impact the performing arts majors because it would require activities that can not be completed at home.

Ever since the start of the pandemic, students need more help than ever with staying on top with their courses. With PCC’s decision to continue with remote classes till the end of the term however, students will be less likely to want to continue with joining Zoom meetings and turning in work.

Since staying at home is the new “normal” for us students, it takes an extra toll on us to stay focused and do class work with all the distractions at home like: our comfy beds, television, constantly wanting to snack, and our smartphones.

Should PCC continue with only online courses till fall semester?

What would happen to the students whose only safe haven is being on campus. Students who have disabilities and need the extra help with their exams, students whose only way of getting a meal is through the Lancery Pantry, or the students who learn better through the way of interacting with others.

Other than the face-to-face interaction that most students need, there are resources that can help and better the long term transition of only online courses by visiting the PCC website and searching technology for your remote classes or academic help for your remote classes.

Being aware and actually taking responsibility by staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is the best thing to do at the moment to shorten the enforced stay-at-home orders that were placed upon in Los Angeles County, and get back to in-person classes sooner.


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