It is very concerning that Gregory and Travis McMichael, murderers of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, were arrested only after the video footage of the incident went viral on May 5. Yet, the most outrageous thing is that such a video has been available to the Glynn County Police Department (GCPD) for months now.

It is almost certain that if the victim had been a white person and the killer had been a black male, the situation would have been very different. The black male would have been in prison since day one, regardless of the existence of a video.

It took 74 days for the police to arrest the perpetrators. There is a clear case of nepotism since Gregory McMichael has worked at both the GCPD for seven years, and the Glynn Court District Attorney’s office as an investigator for more than 20 years.

If that video had not been released, they almost certainly would’ve avoided criminal charges.

How many people have avoided jail time for having a relative or a friend working in a police department or at the district attorney’s office? We do not know in how many cases the GCPD and other police departments have been partial.

Retired investigator McMichael and his son claimed that they were protecting the neighborhood and that his son, who shot Arbery with a shotgun, acted in self-defense. It is important to highlight that the Georgian jogger was unarmed.

The McMichael father-son pair started the assault, they cannot try to justify themselves by saying that they shot Arbery in self-defense. The one who was acting in self-defense, clearly seen in the video, was Arbery, by trying to stop a man who approached him with a shotgun.

Gregory McMichael, an ex-police officer, should’ve known how to handle the situation better.

If they thought Arbery was a thief, as they claimed, then they should’ve called 911 and not acted as vigilantes. The police would have investigated and taken care of the situation, instead of “hunting him like a dog,” as some people said the McMichaels did.

People cannot go and kill someone based on suspicions.

Other surveillance videos that prove that Arbery was innocent. In those videos, people are seen to be going in and out of the house under construction. None of those people were tagged as burglars, nor they were chased down and killed. The McMichaels did not have a justifiable solid base for what they did.

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