It took the nation only three weeks to figure out that Jussie Smollett’s story was a complete lie. With a complete disregard for morals, ethics, and the lack of both a good conscience and any self-awareness, Smollett is a sociopathic narcissist who would willingly put two innocent men in jail for the sake of furthering his C-list career, and deserves any prison time he faces.

“Frauds are everywhere y’all,” Smollett unironically tweeted out two days before his orchestrated attack.

Smollett spun an elaborate web of lies to fool everyone into thinking he was a victim of a racial and homophobic crime under President Trump’s administration.

It all started on January 19th, when he received a threatening letter in the mail. The letter had a white powder that was assumed to be anthrax, but was later revealed by the FBI to simply be crushed up tylenol, and that he sent it to himself.

Smollett, unhappy with how little attention his letter got and seeking more sympathy from the American public, decided to go a step further and orchestrate an attack riddled with as many holes as swiss cheese.

There are three main problems with Smollett’s story that should have made it obvious from the start that it was a hoax. The first, and probably the biggest issue, was the liquid poured over him. The two attackers poured bleach all over Smollett. Bleach has a freezing point of -15.3 celsius or 5 fahrenheit and the temperature in Chicago at 2 am was near -22.78 celsius or -9 fahrenheit – lower than the freezing point of bleach.

The second issue is Smollett saying he fought off the two attackers, yet he walked away from the attack still holding onto his sandwich from Subway. A source in the Chicago PD told Fox News that Smollett was seen on surveillance walking back to his building with the sandwich in hand. Not only that, according to NBC Chicago, he was also reportedly on the phone with his manager during the attack. How exactly did Smollett fight off two attackers with both hands occupied?

The final issue with Smollett’s story was the fact that Chicago is a very liberal city, and there is a very slim chance – if any at all – that anyone with MAGA hats would attack Smollett in that part of town. Not even his own neighbors believe in him, according to the Daily Mail.

Smollett’s story has a lot of other issues, such as why he went home with the rope still tied around his neck, how he escaped the beating with only a small bruise on his face, and why both he and his manager refused to hand detectives their phones for the investigation. The three issues listed above, however, are the most telling.

The way certain publications and media outlets, celebrities and politicians jumped on this bandwagon to toss more fire into the Trump administration is despicable. Many of the issues with Smollett’s story listed above is not new news. Much of that information has been available since the first week of the reporting. Yet, many people in the media didn’t do their research and simply used this as an excuse to talk about the Trump administration and further their own agendas.

Not only has Smollett destroyed his own career, he has potentially damaged the credibility of other black or gay celebrities. Smollett’s little game has only made it harder for the real victims to come out and tell their stories, out of fear of being called a fraud. If Smollett really cared about black and gay rights, he wouldn’t have done any of this.

Just recently Superintendent Eddie Johnson of Chicago PD finally revealed that Smollett did, in fact, fake this attack because he was unhappy with his salary in spite of Smollett reportedly making $100,000 every “Empire” episode he’s in.

Smollett is currently facing up to three well deserved years in prison, as well as a $100,000 bail, and his next court hearing is March 14.

It is unclear as to why Smollett ruined what could have been a potentially long and illustrious career over a PR stunt that could have been thought up by a Scooby Doo villain.

Smollett should stick with acting instead of directing, if he ever finds another gig.

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  1. Let’s look at your three problems.

    First the bleach. If it was kept in a small bottle in the pocket of the assailant then it would not be too frozen and he could pull the bottle out and squirt him with it. It may then freeze on his shirt but nobody said it didn’t.

    Second the sandwich and phone. No reason he could not have picked the sandwich bag back up off the ground and he also said his phone was on the ground after the attack and he picked it back up. Also, just for the sake of accuracy, he said he was a salad not a sandwich.

    The two brothers did this so it’s not a question of whether there are maga thugs in Chicago it’s a question of whether the two brothers did it with his knowledge or without. Clearly if the two brothers yelled “this is maga country” in an attack unplanned by Smollett then it was their lie, not his.

    This all being said, I in no way believe Smollett, but I have yet to see any evidence that’s really impossible to explain away. For me the hardest to explain was how the brothers even knew he would be on that corner at 2am that night. But he does have a short phone call with them not long before so he could have casually mentioned he was going out to grab a sandwich.

    Another nagging detail however is how he said he was talking on the phone when he was accosted and then after he said the phone was in his pocket and fell out during the scuffle. So how did it get into his pocket in the first place if he was talking on it at the time the fight started? But he could just explain that away in court as a slip of the tongue.

    Really he does have a defense until something absolutely incontrovertible comes up… which I hope it does.

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