President Donald Trump has addressed one governmental issue; he has made efforts to end the standoff with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program. However, for South Korean President Moon Jae-in to say Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize is irrational.

Trump supporters are screaming ‘GIVE HIM THE NOBEL PRIZE!’ Trump haters are turning a blind eye. It’s natural for Trump’s foes to focus only on his failures and discount any successes. However, receiving an award wouldn’t change who Trump is.

Let’s not forget that a few months ago Trump tweeted:

A few months later, Moon and North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un pledged to end the hostilities between their countries which is a start towards building a stronger united system. Their plans towards working on completely denuclearizing their weapons program gives a sense of relief and assurance that another possible war could be avoided.   

Although the white flag of truce has begun to wave, how do we know the process of denuclearisation is in place? Or whether the peace between Moon and Jong-un will endure? How do we know whether or not other issues will arise? Just because one thing is resolved does not mean that another door for other issues won’t open.

Trump may have been encouraged the denuclearization but there’s no clear understanding on how this commitment to more peaceful relations was accomplished. It seems there are many more steps he still needs to take. He stated that there are still other plans to meet with Jong-un. Trump has mentioned Jong-un is an honorable person who he looks forward to meeting and added that they have held “good discussions.” Trump has not revealed what kind of discussions they’ve had which leaves the rest of the world in the dark.

Presidents should at least make a small announcement to the public when there are significant updates in foreign affairs. People want to hear what Jong-un’s thoughts are on the future for his country as well as his perspective on relations between his country and the US.

It seems that one of Trump’s best qualities is being involved in a moment-to-moment basis and to keep people off balance by showcasing his vague comments on political direction.

Trump has softened his rhetoric ahead of a potential meeting with Jong-un. However, his choice of words is controversial. He characterized the North Koreans’ intentions as “very honorable,” words not often used to describe a country that dishonorably violates human rights and has a reputation for ruthlessness.

Trump does not deserve to be gifted with a Nobel Prize, at least not until he communicates explicitly with the public about the meeting with Jong-un and Jae-in.

Even if Trump was awarded the Nobel Prize, he would only use this as a weapon to justify staying in power and help him win a second run for office. He would flatter himself and remind his supporters that he accomplished something that would have taken years for presidents before him. He would by no means, hesitate to take full credit for others work or let the world forget about winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Let’s hope this ‘orange menace’ does not get the prize because he does not deserve it.

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