In June 2015 when Donald Trump announced his bid for the Republican nomination, he was the laughing stock of liberals and conservatives alike. What seemed like a sick joke, quickly evolved into the most dangerous threat to liberty America has ever faced.

Trump, who would otherwise be written off as a farce, gained legitimacy from the deplorable state of American politics. The “Trump Phenomenon,” as it has come to be known, is an historical recurrence that wields consequences too detrimental to ignore.

In the past seven years the U.S. has grown increasingly more vulnerable, both economically and physically. The country has been subjected to chaotic changes in its already hectic political and sociological climate.

In addition the Republican Party has neglected to lobby the will of their constituents in congress. As a result, much of the party feels delegitimized and disenfranchised, enough that in 2009 America saw the formation of groups like the Tea Party.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the employment-population ratio has dropped from 62.9 in 2008 to 59.8 in 2016. The unemployment rate doesn’t take into account people who have stopped looking for work.

The fabricated number that Obama brags so much about neglects that the labor force participation rate, which is how many people are working or trying to find work, has dropped 3.3 points since he took office.

The reality is people don’t have jobs and the economy is not “bouncing back.” Regardless of the propaganda being shoved down their throats, Americans are struggling to provide for themselves and their families.

Trump capitalizes on these struggles all too well playing GOP voters for fools. When he shouts about America needing to beat countries like China and Japan in trade, he’s plucking strings right at the heart of the GOP base.

Americans are scared and rightfully so. Around the world her enemies grow bolder with every passing day Obama is in office. The president’s foreign policy is weak.

America’s allies no longer have faith that she will be there to protect them while ISIS and the Iranian government test the limits of what they can get away with.

President Obama promised Americans that if Iran were to violate any part of the newly implemented nuclear deal, previously imposed sanctions would snap back immediately. But Legal Insurrection reported that, “Iran continues to violate the Nuclear Deal,” and the U.S. Treasury department only blacklisted two Iranian companies in the country’s missile program.
GOP voters are tired of not feeling safe and the U.S. failing to have a strong military posture. After Obama’s feeble intervention in Libya that resulted in the Benghazi incident, world powers don’t respect American military power.

The Hill reported that Trump feels the nuclear deal with Iran is so bad, he is close to wondering whether it was done poorly on purpose.

“I can’t believe they didn’t walk from that negotiation,” Trump said. “People want, not that phony Obama change, people want strength, they want competence.”

People know Trump is no military mastermind, but he talks a big game when it comes to support of the troops and the U.S. having a strong presence around the world.
The lame duck republicans who control congress right now strengthen Trump’s anti-establishment appeal.

After taking control in 2014, grassroots republicans expected to see at least a little push back against the liberal agenda that had been running wild for the past eight years. Such was the case when presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, introduced Kate’s Law that was blocked by Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Harry Reid.

Trump is the unfortunate overcorrection being made by the Republican base that experienced the past seven years of loss after loss in the political theater. From the Affordable Care Act to the President’s recent unilateral action on gun control, GOP voters are tired of losing.

The current chaos of the GOP is what makes Trump such a threat to American liberty. In the past, fascist dictators have used chaos to their advantage just as Trump is doing now.

Hitler came to power while Germany was suffering in the wake of World War I. Lenin came to power during a time when Russian monarchs ignored the needs of their suffering people. The list goes on, from Mao Zedong to Pol Pot, history bears witness to the rise of men who are a threat to freedom and America’s current political climate is far too parallel to ignore the similarities.

Trump embodies qualities from all these men. It’s not only what he says or does but how he does it. Trump has no regard for freedom of speech or press, a staple of American liberty that has defended her from tyranny in past, which is absolutely one of his more menacing qualities.

At Trump rallies he pens up the press in boxes that hinder their ability to accurately report what is happening and if anyone presents an opposing view he quickly has them removed. Trump’s Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski has even been charged with assault and battery of a reporter who writes for Breitbart News, a traditionally conservative news source, and Trump stands by him.

Donald J. Trump is the biggest threat to national security, not ISIS or Iran or even climate change. The Republicans and the American people deserve a better front-runner than Trump. It’s time for people to understand how critical the situation has become, and that the manifestation of the “Trump Phenomenon” did not happen by chance. It was Edmund Burk who said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

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  1. The following message is brought to you by Puppets for the Establishment Parasites (PEP), who want to encourage you to let them finish off America so they can move on to their next host…

    “You let us get this far…throw the red pill in the trash; stop trying to struggle against the hypnosis now and let us take the last few drops of blood…it will all be over soon”
    “And please remember that free trade helps America; illegal immigration helps America; policing the world is America’s moral obligation; super PACs are free speech to help poor unwitting candidates; there are no paid protesters; the news media we fund is unbiased; lobbyists are good; politicians and bureaucrats cannot be bought; your election process is not rigged; those idiotic concerns about the debt and bubbles are unfounded; our education system is the best; your privacy is always protected; the war in Iraq was necessary; Russia is evil; your government listens to you…anyone who disagrees with this reality is a lying, xenophobic, isolationist, ignorant, fascist, misogynistic, racist, nutjob!”

  2. Super-PACs MUST be banned! They give a few wealthy exploiters the ability to shape our entire political system; they allow for absurdly unequal representation! The people and corporations funding these PACs have acquired their wealth from selling out America through political favors, endless wars, unfair trade deals, exploiting foreign labor, exploiting illegal labor within our borders, creating insurmountable debt for our children, and maintaining a rigged election process that ensures nothing will change. Super-PACs are a direct conflict of interest and an absolute corrupting force!

    In my opinion, any candidate who doesn’t demand their super-PACs disband in the name of democracy and the people is a flat out TRAITOR to America! Exploiter puppets Clinton and Cruz will never do this like Trump and Sanders have; instead, they will continue feigning powerlessness and ignorance regarding super-PACs. Anyone who votes for these two-faced lawyers is voting to continue selling out America!

    If someone with Trump’s resources can’t run without being shredded by exploiter-funded super-PACs and media pundits, how does someone like me or you have a chance? The answer is that, unless we are lackeys like Clinton and Cruz, whom those same exploiters also fund, we don’t! The process is rigged; you can watch a great example of how the media takes things out of context and falsely demonizes non-controlled candidates like Trump by searching for and viewing “The Untruth about Donald Trump” video.

    1. Here is a quote identifying just one of the methods candidates use to coordinate with super PACs…

      “Many of the super PACs and the campaigns are run by a revolving door of close friends and staffers, ensuring that the two sides share a common playbook even when they avoid tripping over the vague Federal Election Commission rules banning coordination…One Democratic commissioner at the FEC said that she is ‘very concerned’ about the growing influence of super PACs and frustrated about the inability of her agency to do anything about it.”

  3. One of the reasons I support both Trump and Sanders is in the hopes that Americans become more privy to the corruption we have. When party activists in Colorado can choose delegates without any input from the voters, and those activists are establishment supporters, there is nothing that will persuade those activists to pick any delegates who support an insurgent candidate. The entire process is designed to stop insurgent candidates (which is what Trump is).

    Of course, the exploiter-funded pundits who call Trump a “whiner” and a “loser” because he didn’t get any of the Colorado delegates fail to mention that Trump never had a chance to get any of them in the first place as an insurgent. The rigged process helps to ensure America’s exploiters maintain power. The exploiter-funded media puppets are saying that what happened was perfectly fine because the committee rules enabled them to cancel their election from the outset and then give the delegates to whomever they wanted (RIP democracy).

    If Kasich had been the viable anti-insurgent candidate rather than Cruz, they would have given Kasich all of the Colorado delegates instead of Cruz. Despite that, Cruz is trying to convince people that it was his “superior organization” that deprived Trump and Kasich of getting even a single delegate…LOL. Three cheers for America, our exploiter-controlled media, our rigged election process, our two-faced politicians, and the ignorant people who don’t question any of it!

  4. If you think Trump is a racist who sees any color other than green, you might be a gullible fool subject to exploiter-funded media influence. Take a look at his life and career; he has always hired, worked with, and supported people of all walks of life. Furthermore, Illegal immigrants and Muslims are not races. Muslims are great people; unfortunately, the terrorists we are at war with are a small sect within that group, so while the idea of being extra vigilant about vetting new immigrants from that group is regrettable, it would also be prudent for our own safety. The big exploiters love having their puppets use labels of racism to tear down people they don’t control (Ross Perot, Ron Paul, Trump, etc); don’t fall for it!

    If you think Megyn Kelly isn’t an exploiter (establishment) tool who tried to take down Trump, and you think Trump is a misogynist because of the bloodlust comments he made regarding her (while making bloodlust comments about Chris Wallace at the same time) then you might be a gullible fool subject to exploiter-funded media influence. Trump states “I’m just oblivious to a person’s gender” when dealing with people, and it is obvious that he takes on opponents of any shape, size, color, and gender in a similar fashion.

    If you think Trump is an isolationist because he wants fair trade, you might be a gullible fool subject to exploiter-funded media influence. “Free-trade” comes at a huge cost to workers in developed countries! The end result is that America will produce nothing and will provide no services outside our borders because services and products will always be cheaper from poorer countries. Anyone who says anything else concerning free-trade is either lying, or is completely clueless. American middle class workers can only survive and thrive with “FAIR-trade.”

    90% of the cocaine in America comes through our southern border; 80% of the meth and heroin in America also comes through our southern border! If you think Trump, who continually says “I love Mexican people,” is a xenophobe because he wants to secure our southern border, you might be a gullible fool subject to exploiter-funded media influence. Trump’s negative comments were targeted at a subset of illegal immigrants (which he has clarified many times); NOT Mexicans! Illegal immigration is destroying our society (illegal immigrant children are almost always below grade level so teachers have to spend most of their time teaching at that level, which hurts our children; illegal immigration keeps wages low; and the drugs from south of our border are ruining our children’s lives).

    If you think Trump wants to punish women for having abortions, you might be a gullible fool subject to exploiter-funded media influence. Trump said he made a gaffe during a convoluted conversation involving a hypothetical situation. He has clarified that in the real world he would like to see abortion regulations left up to each state. Making gaffes is human, and having a politician willing to engage in “off the cuff” conversations without consulting an army of advisers beforehand is refreshing.

    If you think Trump is ignorant because he thinks it might be more pragmatic for Japan to have a nuke rather than having 54,000 U.S. troops stationed there at our expense, you might be a gullible fool subject to exploiter-funded media influence. The simple fact is that nothing ensures sovereignty like having a nuke. No country with a nuke has been or ever will be invaded. We would have never invaded Iraq if they had a nuke; in fact, the best evidence that we knew they didn’t really have any WMDs was the fact we invaded them. The 54,000 troops we have in Japan are absolutely no deterrent for North Korea, China, or anyone else; what deters them is the fact we have nukes. Furthermore, what would happen to Japan if they can’t defend themselves and we go bankrupt over the next decade or so?

    1. Trump has benefited from a corrupt system and understands what must be done to fix it. It would be far easier for him to just continue buying politicians if he wanted to keep taking advantage rather than running for POTUS. As such, I have to believe he actually wants to help America more than he wants to continue taking advantage. He made his riches and now I think he wants to focus on his legacy, and wants to be remembered for righting America’s ship (who cares if that’s ego driven; I would happily help build him a statue if he succeeds). Consequently, those who want to continue exploiting are scared and doing everything they can to stop him; they are even hiring clueless tools through craigslist to go to his rallies and hold up a “Trump is a racist” sign while yelling at his supporters for $16 per hour.

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