The first presidential debate showcased two candidates, but only one person fit to run this country. Her name is Hillary. From the moment she graced the stage, it was clear who was more prepared, organized, qualified, and experienced. Hillary navigated the nearly two hour debate with ease, while Trump stumbled his way from one question to the next.Hillary went into the debate with one objective in mind, to make Trump crack. She could have just as easily gone in there the same as Trump, without any preparation or thought put into the debate, and had the same outcome. All she had to do was upset him, and then sit back and smile while he made a fool out of himself in front of millions of voters.

Hillary used Trumps previous statements against him, such as Trump’s erroneous accusation that global warming was “created by and for the Chinese,” to highlight how ill-prepared he is to run this country. It was highly amusing to see Trump deny these allegations, and then 30 seconds later have his exact tweet screenshotted and shared all over Twitter.

Trump fell for every trap Clinton laid out for him, often going off-topic and repeating inaccurate information. She knew what American voters already know, Trump’s temper will be his downfall. His temper tantrums comparable to those of a five year-old made him lose focus on any ideas and agenda he may have planned to present to the public.

Trump may think he has a “winning” temperament, but America does not need a president who can be thrown off so easily by their constant mood swings. What’s to stop Trump from throwing a temper tantrum that results in us going to war with another country if he is elected? Trump leaves this question lingering over our heads. With Hillary as president, we would not have to worry about our leader threatening another country, bombing another country, or antagonizing another country. Based off what she displayed at the debate, we can count on her to focus on the task at hand, and not hastily make decisions.

Trump’s only hope of gaining any new followers was to keep is cool, and to handle the debate with a calm and collected manner. He failed. By the end of the debate, undecided voters were left with the option of voting for Hillary, who remained level headed for the duration of the debate, or Trump, for which the same couldn’t be said.

America is more divided than ever, with the constant killings of unarmed African-Americans and police slayings. We do not need someone who’s anger will get the best of him, and will act without putting any thought into the consequences.

Only one candidate suggested bringing back a practice found to be unconstitutional in the United States, and it wasn’t Hillary. Trump proceeded to argue with the moderator about whether or not “stop and frisk” was found to be unconstitutional. There is no reason anyone running to be president of the United States should even consider anything previously ruled unconstitutional.

When Hillary was questioned about the race tensions across America, she gave an answer that reassures citizens that she is the more qualified to unite us. She was the only candidate who mentioned needing to bridge gap between communities and police forces across the country.

Why would anyone support a candidate who did not care to put enough effort into preparing for a debate? Trump did not participate in any mock debates, and his lack of preparation was on full display.

The final nail in the Trump coffin was the sexism he exuded. From the first time he belittled Hillary by asking if it was ok to call her “Secretary Clinton” with a sarcastic tone, to the final moments when Hillary enlightened viewers with new knowledge of his poor treatment of a former beauty pageant contestant, Trump’s blatant sexism could not be missed. The name calling, the bullying, and the belittling Trump has used towards women is disgusting. It’s an embarrassment to our country that someone who treats women the way Trump has is even being considered to run for office.
This election makes it more important than ever to have our voices heard. As college students, and America’s future, there is no excuse to not take action and vote come Nov. 8th. Registering online is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete. This election directly affects our futures and our livelihoods.

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