It’s been no secret that Trump and his band of scheming, corrupt accomplices (or what government would apparently call an administration) have a personal vendetta against undocumented persons.

Now with Trump’s hotline and database for reporting and keeping track of the undocumented, these sentiments have taken a very real and and deja vu like approach to criminalizing them and simultaneously destroying any sense of privacy, whilst having everything else taken from them as well.

All this is, is another ludicrous yet propaganda building attempt to get people to believe that undocumented persons are committing crimes and therefore are not welcome here. But see, this sentiment has been established and it has already done its damage. Because of things like this, innocent immigrants have to constantly live in fear that someone will find out their status and they’ll have ICE banging on their door soon enough. They could be a better law abiding citizen than most Americans and still be seen as a potential criminal monster by others.

However, let’s not forget that studies have shown that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than anyone else. Here we are saying our enemies are people from the “wrong” side of a politically imposed border, when the real criminal is America being hypocritical of being a land for the “tired, poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free” and yet turn away people (yes, that’s what they are) who search for a better life here.

Furthering on the database ridiculousness, it was found that undocumented babies were even included on this program. It’s funny how Trump was so concerned for the lives of Syrian children once he decided to bomb Syria and how heated he was for the lives of the unborn in the Republican’s never ending crusade against Planned Parenthood. But with all of his “deep concern” for these lives, I guess he some how missed the undocumented children and babies who come here either with family or unaccompanied while trying to survive another day outside of the torment in their home country.

As for the hotline, this only adds to this anti-immigrant sentiment that has swelled since election season, as well as buy into stereotypes. People who feel the need to report someone on their immigration status are not going to report based on someone actually telling them or finding their papers. Because nowadays, based on the recycled old world rhetoric on who or what an immigrant looks like, no one is going to report the guy down the street with light skin and a French or German accent.

When we treat immigrants this way, especially Mexican immigrants, it is a slap in the face to Mexico as a whole. Treating Mexican immigrants poorly and having these harsh sentiments is basically like saying, “this is what we think of you as a whole.” And this only hurts us, and the U.S., in the end.

Mexico is a huge consumer of our goods, as we are of theirs. These ties also come with American jobs concerning trade, which, if one can recall, are something Trump promised. Then again, he’s never been too keen on his promises, but that’s another issue.

The point is, is that we can never have a “great” America when we keep buying into vintage propaganda, the eerily similar propaganda that allowed for Japanese people to be put into camps and for Mexicans and Mexican Americans to be deported and for Germany to blame Jews and other “undesirables” for their problems.

All these incidents have been a part of the blame game. When things get bad, when we don’t get what we thought we just automatically deserve simply because we’re American, we put the problem on the “foreigners”. We blame them for the problems, when all they want is acceptance in an already unwelcoming environment.

In order for any progress to be made in this so called “land of the free”, our first step is not to paint them as the criminal and thief of jobs or sanctity of living in a bubble. Because though we may not recognize it, or choose to not recognize it , America is not the center of the world. We are on a globe in space with hundreds of other countries, and we should be acting as such.

This hotline and database is not going to stop the strength and integrity of immigrants to make the trek to America in search of a better life. But this xenophobia does stop America, it puts our progression as a country at a standstill. And that will never make America “number one” in the eyes of the world.

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