The Associated Students of PCC is easily the most under appreciated force on campus.Its 11 member executive board exists much like the government body seen in today’s world unknown and uncared for by the majority of its constituents. About 30,000 students make up PCC. However, when AS elections took place last spring, a mere 400 individuals voted. That is slightly more than one percent of the student body. How many of these students voted for the last American Idol contest?

AS has and will traditionally remain below the radar, even though its overall objective is to make a student’s experience on campus as comfortable and peaceful as possible. With or without a student’s knowledge, it possesses the largest power to affect students-and does so on a daily basis.

The assistance from AS comes in several forms: from supplying free blue books, scantrons and massages during finals week to directly representing the campus to the higher powers affecting the school’s affairs like the Board of Trustees, and even the state and federal government.

It is an interesting and sad sight to see more individuals at the dias than in the stands when its weekly meetings occur.

This is the case, week in and week out, for a group that posses the most potential to help fellow students. This apathy towards AS was reiterated in a recent Courier online poll, asking if AS was important to students? The vote was nearly even with 49 percent in favor of AS’s importance, and 51 percent against its significance.

Much like anything in life, this relationship is a two-way interaction with their constituents. For those interested in experiencing more than the squatters in the quad or hunting relentlessly in parking structure for that one parking spot, AS is another option to enhancing your time at PCC.

When you do find the “bunker” known as T110, the current home of AS while the Measure P construction goes on, walk past the empty giant fish tank, and make yourself known.

There are also several committees students may get involved with from supreme council, culture diversity and lobby committee if interested. Whether you want to challenge a professor’s final grade, petition for a new club or simply voice a thought, AS is here to serve.


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