As most of America knows by now, the NFL is in a deep crisis regarding its handling of domestic violence cases of their own players. Other than the Ray Rice saga, which has captured the media by storm, there is another case that the NFL has to deal with.

Star running back Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings, has been accused of child abuse after images were released of his 4-year old son with numerous gashes on his body from being hit by a tree branch.

Peterson admitted to the police that he caused the injuries, saying that it’s the same treatment he dealt with as a child. Of course, hitting a young, defenseless with a tree branch is over the line. No child that young should receive a punishment that extreme, and Peterson should face the consequences of going overboard.

However, a young child learns and develops the actions of his/her parents. With that said, is Peterson really at fault? If what he claims is true about his childhood, then how would he know any better? That is the way he was raised; the way his parents disciplined him, which was roughly 20 to 25 years ago, as his current age is 29.

Back then, that’s how more children were disciplined. As time changes, however, so does everything around it. What was known as “being disciplined” back in that time may now be considered neglecting a child.

However, a recent study done by Michigan University of about 2,700 families, discovered that nearly a third of 1-year old children are spanked at least once a month by their parents. The old tradition of physical discipline still exists to many people and families all around the world.

On a personal note, and I would bet many would agree they were too, I was disciplined the same way when I was younger. Of course I was not beaten or abused with a tree branch or anything to that extent, but I did receive my share of spankings. What I learned overall from that was respect; to show respect from my parents, no matter what. And not just to my parents, but showing respect to everyone I know will make a huge difference. I can say being disciplined the way I was has helped me a whole lot throughout my life.

Christopher Robbins, founder of Familius, a digital publishing company, who have offered books on parenting, says in a recent article by Bill Briggs from NBC News, “My mom spanked me a couple of times. My dad spanked me once or twice. It got my attention. They never hurt me. When our parents got our attention by spanking us, it was with the intent of trying to help us understand what we were doing was inappropriate. In that sense, that probably has helped people to be better.”

Has Adrian Peterson suffered from being disciplined as a child? After receiving a football scholarship to attend Oklahoma University, solidifying his name in the football world, making it to the pros, and of course, making millions of dollars, I would say he really hasn’t suffered much. If his parents disciplined Peterson in another way, you have to wonder, would he be the same person he is today? Would he be at the top of the NFL and considered one of the greatest running-backs of all time? Like he referred to in a statement about his indictment, Peterson mentions, “I have always believed that the way my parents disciplined me has a great deal to do with the success I have enjoyed as a man.” You can’t really disagree with him there.

There is no excuse for Peterson after he went too far, hitting his own child with a tree branch. He should have at least some common sense and think before he acted.

But then again, “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.”

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