The PCC main campus, especially in the early weeks of the semester, is flooded with people. And as the school has seen, that makes parking a nightmare. Classes are also limited because there are only so many available classes. For some people, the drive to PCC is a bit of a distance. A new satellite campus opening up at the John Muir High School for both high school and college students hopes to solve those problems, but will it? I argue that yes, it will.

After that first week of classes here at PCC, I think we can all agree that parking was an absolute nightmare. Some people were circling around the lots for hours at a time, being late or even missing classes. What this new campus can accomplish is have more students take classes off the main campus, freeing up parking for those on the main campus.

Furthermore, John Muir is west of the main campus by about 5 miles, which should help those living in Altadena, La Canada, and cities farther west. As someone who lives in La Canada, I know that this new campus will help me with my commute.

“I think it’s nice to see that PCC is expanding,” said PCC freshman Daniel Torres. “Since I live in Glendale, I’m happy that I have a more convenient location to go to.”

The new campus will also help add more classes to the course catalog and add more of the base GE classes that can fill up quickly. Plenty of students have problems trying to add the classes they need to take to fulfill their GE’s. Adding this new campus will help add more of those classes. And as the Courier reported, the classes at John Muir will be “more broad than the programming at the Rosemead campus.”

This new campus also helps high school students looking to get a headstart on their college career, where “John Muir students are able to take these classes as concurrently enrolled students at little to no cost,” according to the John Muir High School website. Originally, the campus was intended for high school students of John Muir High School to start a college education through the Pathways program. This program will continue, but the satellite campus will now allow other college students to take classes.

Some would argue that the money would be better spent on bettering the main campus. However, I believe the main campus is fine as it is. It’s easy to get around, the classrooms are decent and programs are good. Creating more learning places around the Pasadena and Los Angeles area would better benefit the students.

Overall, the new satellite campus is a great idea. It will help those who have difficulty with finding classes, free up parking at the main campus and help shorten commutes for those west of the main campus. I can’t wait to see how the new satellite campus turns out.

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