There are plans to open up a 7-Eleven across the street from PCC, and while many are excited because of the convenience it would bring, what they don’t think about is the problems that come with it as well.

The issue of campus safety is the main concern that comes to mind.

Mixing alcohol and college students is never a good idea and while there are establishments near campus that do serve alcohol, the 7-Eleven would be the only one where students could purchase it and bring it on campus. It is true that if a student wanted to bring alcohol on campus they could easily do so without the convenience of the 7-Eleven. But having a 7-Eleven across the street would add to the temptation for some students.

While representatives from 7-Eleven say they have currently not applied for a liquor license and have pledged not to apply for one without the approval of the city or college, there is no telling if their views on that will change in the future.

Parking and traffic is also another issue that comes up, and the opening of the store would cause problems because of how frequently people visit 7-Eleven. The traffic on Colorado Boulevard can be hectic as is, especially with the student drop off zone and the businesses located near by. The installation of a 7-Eleven would only make things worse, adding an unnecessary headache.

As for the issue of Electronic Benefit Transfer cards, while it is great that 7-Eleven accepts EBT, 7-Eleven is a convenience store and not a restaurant. Students would be purchasing junk food and poorly cooked food; they are better off eating at El Pollo Loco or Jack In The Box.

While opening a 7-Eleven across the street from PCC may seem like a great idea, the last thing this campus needs is a glorified liquor store and all the problems that come with it.

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  1. Yes, no 7-Eleven. In addition to selling cigarettes, gum, liquor, and hot dogs on a stick, all of which are bad for us because we are so silly and immature, 7-Eleven also entices us into the store with its adult magazines and then tries to sell us multi-colored Slurpees! Pasadena City College has an obligation to protect us until we get into a real college.

    I once made the mistake of telling students at UCLA, Riverside, USC, Berkeley, and even Santa Monica College that my school was called Pasadena City College, and they snickered, rolled their eyes and made funny noises in their throats. I am calling for a name change: from Pasadena City College to Pasadena City High School. When that occurs, no one can make fun of me.

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