The Lancers’ women’s basketball team was unable to defeat L.A. Trade Tech in an 80-73 loss Wednesday night at Hutto-Patterson Gym.The Beavers (20-3, 3-3) held the lead for the majority of the game, while PCC (21-4, 4-2) showed little sign of taking control.

L.A. Trade Tech’s center Malika Jones was too much to handle, scoring a total of 18 points while guard Aja Miller scored 16 points.

Trade Tech played a solid game for the most part but showed signs of frustration during the first half. Center Dominique Scott took advantage and gave PCC its first lead of the game, but the Lancers seemed to lose steam early in the second half.

After composing themselves during a time out, the Lancers exploded with a couple of steals that led to fast break lay-ups by guards Anna Shahinian and Raven Faafiti.

Frustration set in once again which led to some very sloppy play by both teams. “That’s a lack of focus,” said Lancer’s head coach Joe Peron.

Coach Peron contributed the loss to a lack of aggression and to Trade Tech simply playing a better game. “It was just one of those nights,” said Peron.

“[We were] inconsistent on our defense, for sure. Not really aggressive, defensively, the whole game. In spurts we were, and then we didn’t execute our offense. We should have been patient.”

Though Scott had the most free throw opportunities (she made three out of nine) she fouled out late in the second half, walking off the court with 19 points. Lancer guards Kim Smith and Melissa Fudge once again contributed greatly as well, scoring 15 and 12 points, respectively.

Scott and Fudge each had two steals while Faafiti had three.

“Trade Tech played a good basketball game,” Coach Peron noted. “They were ready to play basketball and we were ready in spurts and it wasn’t enough. It was just one of those nights.”

The Lancers play away against East Los Angeles College on Friday at 5:30 p.m.

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