When adjunct professor and curator Mahara Sinclaire learned that Artist-in-Residence Sant Khalsa would be having a solo show about the Santa Ana River, Sinclaire thought it would be great if PCC students could also contribute in a project to address the water situation in California. Thus the “Water Issues: A Group Show of 3 Parts” was created.

“The idea occurred to me that our PCC students might have some great ideas, solutions and observations about the water situation, so that’s when the idea for a contest arose,” said Sinclaire.

The contest was open to any student that attended PCC therefore creating an interdisciplinary project that encouraged group cooperation.

Students were encouraged to submit contest pieces that addressed water usage created by a team or an individual. There was no fee required to enter.

By the end of the deadline, 30 projects had been turned in.

Some of the most memorable projects were a fashion garment inspired by a deep-sea octopus design and an interactive mechanical device that provided water data as well as interesting facts when buttons on it were pushed. Other projects included an abstract painting based on water ideas and a proposal for a subterranean sprinkler system. There were also short films, ceramics and jewelry submitted for the contest.

The works were hosted in Gallery V where they were left on display. Judges then went over the projects to see which ones would place.

“The gallery committee did the judging,” said Sinclaire. “There is a first place award of $500 and an honorable mention of $100.”

Students who participated in the contest were asked to pick up their projects due to a lack of space in Gallery V. During the Spring semester students will resubmit their projects for the “Water Issues” opening reception ad awards presentation on Thursday, Feb. 11 from 12 p.m. to 1 pm.

There, the judges will announce the winners and those who missed the presentation in Gallery V will have another chance to view the awards.

The campus-wide student contest was just one part of the “Water Issues” show addressing the water crisis in California. The other two events attached to the “Water Issues” show include a gallery talk with contemporary Los Angeles artists Natalie Casagran Lopez and Whitney Davis, which will be hosted at Gallery V on Feb. 4. The third event will take place the same day and will include a gallery walk-through with artist-in-residence Sant Khalsa.

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