In his second semester at PCC, President-Superintendent Rajen Vurdien continues to shape the college in his vision.

Beginning July 1 this year, PCC academics will be organized into 12 divisions — Natural Sciences; Math and Computer Science; Health Sciences; Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics; Social Sciences; Performing Arts; Visual Arts and Media Studies; English; Languages and ESL; Business; Engineering, Technology, and Economic and Workforce Development; Library, Learning Resources, and Distance Education — leaving behind the current model of six schools with departments within each school that was implemented spring 2014.

“What changes?” President-Superintendent Vurdien asked. “We’re simply reverting to the school’s original structure.”

Although this change wasn’t a specific accreditation recommendation, it was in response accreditation, according to Alex Boekelhide, executive director of strategic communications and marketing.

“One of the things accreditation told us was we had too many interim positions, and that was a consequence of our [school] structure that led to more administrative positions.” Boekelhide said.

In accordance with these changes, the school has posted permanent position for five new instructional deans in the Math and Computer Science, Kinesiology, Health, and Athletics, Business, Languages and ESL, and Social Sciences divisions.

Each instructional dean position will come staffed with a manager, administrative assistant, and clerk. These changes will also take place July 1.

“These actions will allow the college to increase the effectiveness of its academic programs and balance the demands on our instructional Deans so they can provide faculty and students the support needed,” Vurdien said in an email.

Vurdien is also making more immediate changes to the organization of the college.

Dr. Robert Bell, formerly assistant superintendent and senior vice president for academic and student Affairs, will now assume the position of assistant superintendent and senior vice president, non credit and offsite campuses. This elevation in position reflects the growing importance of non-credit education, offsite campuses, and community outreach, according to Vurdien.

PCC recently began partnering with PUSD high schools through AB 86, which along with PCC’s Rosemead campus and community education center, highlight the school’s growth in those areas.

“Instead of people coming to the college, the college will go to the public,” Vurdien said. “It’s important to serve the community, and we serve many communities. “

Former Dean of Non Credit, Dr. Ofelia Arellano, will now oversee dual enrollment programs, outreach and transfer, and three TRIO programs: Upward Bound Math/Science; Talent Search; and Classic Upward Bound as the Dean of Student Affairs.

The school is also looking to add two new positions to the senior administrative team: an Assistant Superintendent / Vice President of Instruction who will oversee the new divisions and report directly to Dr. Vurdien, and a Vice President of Human Resources, who will replace the vacant executive director position and will also report directly to Vurdien.

Finally, Dr. Ryan Cornner, former associate vice president for strategic planning and innovation, has left the college and accepted a position at the Los Angeles Community College District as Vice Chancellor for Educational Programs and Institutional Effectiveness.

Dr. Paul Jarell, dean of instructional support, and Crystal Kollross, director of institutional effectiveness, will assume Cornner’s duties.



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