An anti-Semitic flyer was reported in Lot 5 on Friday, March 11 at PCC. During spring break, President Dr. Erika Endrijonas sent out an email informing faculty that campus police were investigating an anti-Semitic flyer left on several cars in Lot 5 of the Colorado campus with little details. A search conducted by Courier staff that same day found nothing on the floor or nearby trash cans. Given the campus was closed for spring break, no one was available for comment.

The incident makes the third of a string of derogatory incidents on campus, including the misogynistic vandalism of PCC’s digital marquee on Hill Avenue and Colorado Boulevard and Jason Haddad’s public racial outbursts at the Center for the Arts building on Feb. 4, which caused a five minute lockdown of the building.

Searching for information Monday, Mar. 14, Courier staff reached out to the PCC Campus Police Department for a statement given by the department’s window receptionist, who did not provide a name.

“The investigation is ongoing, and we can not comment on anything further than what was already provided by PCC.”

The receptionist for the office of the President provided Alexander Boekelheide, executive director of strategic communications and marketing at PCC, to represent the school in these matters.

When asked if PCC had any video footage of the incident or the flyer, Boekelheide was unable to provide further information on the incident.

“I don’t know what exists. I know campus police consider it an active investigation, and they are gathering evidence,” Boekelheide said.

Dr. Endrijonas’ Cookies and Conversation was held at PCC’s Creveling Lounge and opened the floor to questions. Courier asked her why the school chose not to provide an image of the flyer in their initial response to the incident.

“It is highly offensive and traumatizing potentially to students and certain individuals,” Endrijonas said. “So I think in those situations we usually try to err on the side of protecting students who might be traumatized by seeing something anti-Semitic.”

Courier staff were unable to obtain a copy of the flyer from either the campus police or Boekelheide and expressed their hope that she could help get a copy to report a more informed story to readers.

“I have no interest in hiding information; I want to be very clear,” Endrijonas said. “I would be happy to work with campus police so that you can actually see the flyer.”

Shortly after speaking with Endrijonas, Boekelheide provided the flyer to the Courier via email.

Anti-semitic flyer left on cars in Lot 5 on March 11.


At first glance, it is printed too small to read without the ability to zoom in. The first paragraph questions who is causing all the evils in the world. The second paragraph starts with, “if whites understood the depths to which jews control our countries,” seemingly pleading for help from “whites” but not making any threats in the manifesto-type letter. In the end, the writer states their opinion on the Jewish population and alludes to hopes of obtaining the “familiarization with extraterrestrial life.”

The police have not given any information on the suspect’s identity as the investigation is ongoing.

This is an ongoing story and will be updated.

Michael Leyva

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