In what seems to have become protest season, an anti-war march by PCC students to a military recruitment center across the street from campus was held on Friday.The ant-war demonstration and the action in front of the Pasadena military recruitment center followed Sep. 20 Jena 6 action, the Oct. 19 anti-police brutality demonstration, and the Oct. 22 march and rally in Los Angeles.

Protestors used caution tape in Friday’s march to block out the entrance to the center and pasted flyers on the door that read, “crime scene” and “armed and dangerous.” Motorists would pass by and honk in support.
Army Spc. Agustin Aguayo, told his story of being imprisoned for refusing a second deployment in Iraq, and refusing to load his weapon while in country. According to his wife Helga, The U.S. Supreme Court will recognize him as a conscientious objector.
Friday’s demonstration was a prelude to the Los Angeles mass march and rally downtown against the war in Iraq. “The Army and Navy locked their doors and did not try to stay open. The Marines however called the police and attempted to stay open. For the rest of the day the Marines and police took turns threatening to arrest us, according to Steve Gibson.”
Demonstrators staged a die-in where, protestors fell to the ground as if laying dead, in front of the Federal Building complete with air raid sirens and exploding bombs played on loud speakers surrounding the rally.
“One minute of silence for the over one million dead Iraqi civilians,” said Act Now to Stop War and End Racism member Ian Thompson to the crowd estimated by organizers to be over ten-thousand.
The march was lead by longtime activist and Vietnam veteran Ron Kovak, who carried an American flag while wheeling himself along the protest rout, followed by sponsors the ANWER and Iraqi Veterans Against the War.
“Same lie, same plan, no war in Iran,” protestors shouted while marching down Broadway.
“In [Vice President] Cheney’s view, Iran can’t get the bomb,” said Lawyers Guild president Jim Lafferty.

“Only peaceful states like the U.S. can have nuclear bombs.even though we are the only nation to ever drop the bomb on a civilian population.”
LAPD removed demonstrators from the plaza of the Los Angeles Mall, only to tape off and occupy the bridge that spans Spring St., using it to record protestors attending the rally.
“I thought that was against the law,” said demonstrator Veronica Banuelos. “But I guess they are the law.

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