University Day attracted hundreds of students to gather around the Quad to seek information from a variety of universities on Feb. 13.

Many students arrived early eager to know more about CSUs, UCs and private universities.

“What I like about University Day is you could see different universities and they’re all different. You don’t know which one will interest you,” said Jacqueline Gonzalez, registered nurse.

A wide range of schools from all over California and even some from out of state were present. The Financial Aid office and school clubs like CLAVE took part in the event as well.

According to Dina Chase, director of transfer services, about 46 university representatives reserved spots for the event.

Compared to previous similar events, students had an advantage of having more time to find further information because University Day was held so much earlier in the year.

“Competition for admission is keener today than ever before,” Chase said. “Scheduling University Day at PCC earlier in the term [February rather than March], gives PCC students additional time to gather information about academic programs and transfer processes.”

Representatives of the universities were ready to answer questions of curious students. “We’re having to become creative for students since winter quarter got cut [for PCC students],” said Primavera Reza, a representative of CSU Los Angeles.

There were also representatives, like Leslie Mach, who had attended PCC and were now providing information to current students. Alumnus and recruiter for Mt. Saint Mary University, Mach said he remembers when he attended University Day. “It was very helpful. There were a lot of reps. They had it often,” he said.

Overall University Day was a success, according to Chase. “Student turnout was consistent throughout the day and the university reps reported that they disseminated all the literature that they had brought with them,” Chase said. “Additionally, the reps indicated that student interest was so high, they plan to schedule future advisement visits on campus to meet with the students individually.”

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