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Jordan Waller, an electrician for Facilities Services cuts a metal beam in the TVR production studio in the C Building on Sept. 12. The studio makeover is scheduled to be completed in late October.

The Television Production Studio was scheduled to get a makeover and be renovated with state of the art equipment before the fall semester began. Two weeks into the semester and the studio, which is on the first floor on the C Building, is still incomplete with students who are enrolled in TVR production with no new studio to work with.

“It’s very inconvenient,” said Barbara Naylor, who teaches television production. “I’ve had to group all my lectures together for the beginning of the school year, so it can give them time to finish the [construction] work.”

James Arnwine, dean of performing and communication arts, said that facilities workers were put on a tight deadline to finish the studio.

“The facilities crew had to be sent to the Science Village,” said Arnwine. “They had to make sure the village got finished before school started. It’s been a challenge. The construction should be done about the third week in October.”

The TVR production classes have been moved to the Little Theater in the C Building, but students in the advanced classes say it is very disappointing not to have the new studio ready.

“We were promised a new studio to begin the semester with,” said Justin Naranjo who is majoring in film. “It was too good to be true.”

Naranjo said the only good thing about being in the Little Theater was that it was bigger and gave students more room to work in. But, he also said that the audio was poor and the production room was small and claustrophobic.

“It’s stressful,” said Naylor. “It has had a negative impact on the students.”

However, Naylor was “delighted” that the studio was getting some new gear. The old studio was run with analog equipment; the new studio is supposed to introduce the students to new digital technology.

“The equipment was starting was starting to fail,” said Arnwine. “We have been wanting to update the studio for a long time. It’s good that the students will be able to use what professionals are working with today.”


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