Outgoing trustee Geoffrey Baum has been re-elected as Vice President of the California Community College Board of Governors, a position he’s held since 2012.

“I was glad and honored by this vote of confidence from my fellow members on the Board of Governors,” said Baum.

Baum has been on the governing board of the Pasadena Area Community College District since 2001, representing Area 1. He declined to pursue reelection and will finish her term in 2013

The Board of Governors of the CCC, is the governing body that sets policies for all 72 districts of the California Community college system.

Baum feels that his experiences on the PCC board will help him as he continues to help govern community college affairs in the state.

“When dealing with issues like the crisis at City College of San Francisco, it is critical for the Board of Governors to have members who understand the complex challenges facing local districts and how statewide policies are implemented at the local level,” he wrote in an email.

PCC President Mark Rocha praised Baum on his service as a PCC trustee.

“Trustee Baum has provided a great service to the Pasadena City College school district,” Rocha wrote in a prepared statement. “Trustee Baum’s care for our students was evident in the decisions he made as a trustee. We truly appreciate his dedication and commitment and wish him well as he continues his work in higher education as vice president of the Board of Governors.”

Baum understands that there is a tough road ahead in order to achieve student success.

“We must continue to be focused on student success and the recommendations passed by the Student Success Task Force,” he wrote. “We need to make more classes available for more students across the state. And we need make sure students have access to the classes they need to earn a degree, transfer to a 4-year college or university, or earn a certificate to qualify for a good job.”

Many of the PCC community that have worked with Baum, have nothing but praise for the outgoing trustee.

Fellow trustee John Martin lauded Baum’s policy skills.

“He has been an amazing representative for community colleges and specifically PCC. He knows how to connect policy to the reality of what is really happening on local campuses,” said Martin.

Bill Thomson, another PCC trustee, believes that Baum will continue to be a great asset to the state.

“It will be good for Geoffrey,” Thomson said. “But also good for PCC because he won’t forget about us down here while also tending to the needs of community colleges throughout the state.”

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