The suspects in the killing of PCC student Joseph Molina were back in court Sept. 27 in downtown Los Angeles, but their case was postponed.Mitsie Oso, 28, Sarah Lopez, 25, Jose Resendez, 30, and Leonardo Cisneros, 23, appeared before Judge Steven Van Sicklen, charged with the slaying of Molina.

The attorneys for the defendants and Assistant Deputy District Attorney Robert Grace asked for a postponement of the arraignment. The judge granted the request. The suspects will be back in court Nov. 13.

Oso, Lopez, Resendez and Cisneros are charged with fourteen counts of robbery and two counts of murder each. One of their alleged victims, Molina, a 22-year-old PCC student, was shot to death while working at a Subway restaurant in Whittier in December 2004.

A fifth suspect in the slaying, Bernadette Corveras, 26, pleaded guilty to one charge of murder and one charge of robbery. She is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 10.

Judge Van Sicklen expressed annoyance with the delays, pointing out that the case was first filed on Oct. 26, 2006. Grace said the case had been delayed because his office had been trying to reach a plea agreement with one or more of the defendants.

He hopes to avoid bringing all of them to trial “in order to conserve the resources of the DA’s office.” Grace also stated the DA is planning to seek the death penalty against the defendants.

The judge warned that the arraignment date would not be postponed again. The trial date has not yet been set but Van Sicklen said it must be within 60 days of the new arraignment date.

Oso and Lopez were petite, had long hair that went halfway down their backs, and seemed relaxed while they sat on a bench and their attorneys spoke for them.

Cisneros and Resendez were both of large build, had shaved heads, mustaches, and each wore glasses.

Two supporters of Lopez waved and blew kisses to her as she was led back to jail after the hearing.

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