Although many students prefer to drive through the beautiful residential areas that encompass Pasadena, the recent increase in PCC’s enrollment has caused traffic in some of these areas.With over 20,000 students commuting to and from school, the Policy and Safety Services has recommended alternative paths that will enable students to avoid residential areas and prevent traffic.

According to Chief Peter Michael, PCC hopes to be friendly to its neighbors by catering to the need to inform students of different paths.

In order to come up with a plan, Michael spoke to the traffic engineers of San Marino and Pasadena to locate different ways of getting to campus.

“We are just trying to be good neighbors and I hope that our students will assist us in being good neighbors,” he said.

By avoiding residential areas and taking these preferred paths, students will benefit by having faster and safer commutes.

“We identified the main routes. By using the wider streets, students get to school faster and there is less congestion on the residential streets,” said Chief Michael.

Preferred Routes
Coming From:

Head West on the 210 Freeway exit Hill and head south to the campus.

Head East on the 210 Freeway exit Allen head south to Colorado or Del Mar and west to the campus From the 210 Freeway exit Hill and head south to the campus

Travel North on San Gabriel on Sierra Madre to Del Mar and head west to the campus.

Travel North on Fair Oaks or Arroyo Parkway or Lake Ave to eastbound Del Mar or Colorado to the campus.

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