When your bedroom feels plain and dull, it is always fun to redecorate. But redecorating is not an easy task when considering your budget. That comfy futon you purchased may eat up your wallet and leave you with nothing left to spend. Distance also makes it worse when having to waste gas driving miles to a store, and ending up not finding what you are looking for.The most recognizable stores close by PCC in Old Town Pasadena are Crate&Barrel and Pottery Barn.

Pasadena residents may recognize Fedde’s Fine Furnitures, which has been around since 1937. Some students find Fedde’s to be pricy when it comes to their furniture.

“I’ve been to Fedde’s before, some of their stuff is pretty expensive,” said 21-year old Psychology major Jason Ling.
Even though it is a long drive from PCC to go to Ikea, students find it to be a great place to buy furniture.

“I go to Ikea. I go because they have a variety of furniture,” said 19-year old architecture major Max Cheung.

“Ikea is a great place to find furniture that matches your style,” said 20-year old Michelle Amanyan.

Just down the street from PCC there is an Out of the Closet that sells a variety of clothing and furniture. It is the closest store to PCC and students find it to be convenient.

“Sometimes you can go to Out of the Closet and [students] can buy at a secondhand price,” said 24-year old engineering major Chen Shin.

Students find yard sales to be a good place to get cheap furniture. The furniture that owners want to get rid of can sometimes be a steal for buyers.

“I don’t buy that much furniture, but when I do, I find it cheapest at yard sales,” said 24-year old business major Johan Serafin.

With several furniture stores in Pasadena appealing to an array of different tastes, there are several possibilities to customize your home. If the stores are pricey for your budget, your best bet is checking out what the residents in Pasadena have for sale in their yard.

Perhaps somebody will sell you a leather couch for under a $100.

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