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Much confusion and uncertainty surrounding the transferability of summer classes emerged at the Feb. 20 meeting of the Associated Students Executive Board.

Officials said that courses completed in the first summer session would not count towards fall 2013 transfer for UCs or CSUs. Senior Vice President Robert Bell said that through his correspondence with the CSU system, it has been verified that only spring classes will be transferable for fall 2013 admission. “We knew that already,” said Bell.

However, Bell introduced a new approach that he believed would make summer classes eligible for fall transfer.

According to Bell, he has discussed with the Community College Chancellor’s Office a plan that would fall within the range of legality of California Administrative Code title 5, section 55722. “That particular section of the [education] code gives us the ability to transcript the first 6 week summer classes as spring classes,” said Bell.

Associated Students President Simon Fraser asked Bell for clarification. “What you’ve said here is that the Summer 1 classes are now going to be published as Late Spring classes which would have a beginning date of May 2, which is within the spring semester. [The] first day of instruction will still be May 12, classes will still conclude June 22, and then the week of June 23 [will be used to submit final grades].”

“That pretty much summarizes it,” Bell said.

During the Feb. 13 AS meeting, Fraser said that the administration had promised students two summer sessions, with the first being transferable for fall 2013 admission if courses are taken before June 30. “We are finding out that that is not as easily done,” Fraser said during the meeting.

“There was an admission that what was initially essentially a guarantee from the administration that the Summer 1 classes would be just as good as winter classes for the purpose of transfer, and for the purpose of giving students the same opportunity to complete their course work was fine, is no longer fine,” Fraser said. “It is in flux.

After the Feb. 20 meeting, Fraser sent a detailed memorandum to President Mark Rocha asking for clarification on the issue of transferability.

According to Fraser’s memorandum to the administration, “Students negatively impacted by [the calendar change] have already begun to receive rejections and even notices that colleges would not even consider their applications without indicated spring completion.”

“[It is] already too late for students to submit updated information to four year institutions reflecting that what they had indicated would be Summer 1 classes would now be spring classes,” Fraser said in the memorandum.

The memorandum states that both a motion to censure the college for the calendar change and its impacts, as well as a vote of no confidence in administration would be discussed at the Feb. 27 AS Executive Board meeting.

During the meeting, Bell added that the Late Spring proposal would satisfy CSU system requirements because the first six weeks of summer will conclude on June 22. “It will be a non-discussion for them. All those classes will arrive at their campuses — official transcripts from [PCC] — it will say ‘spring,’” Bell said. “It becomes a non-issue for them.”

Fraser said that, for CSUs, the earliest transcript requirement date is June 30, and extends to July 15, although this varies from college to college.

However, according to Bell, the details of the registration date for Late Spring are still being worked out.

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  1. Relax. Breath deap and walk quiety beside the mirror pools. The bees are buzzing, flowers are blooming, spring is here and summer will soon be upon us. Do you know what that means?

    Yes. It’s almost time for a new police chief !!

  2. I am steadily and rapidly losing any faith that I have left in administration.

    Perhaps this isn’t the correct spot to ask, but are there definite dates set for the Summer 2013 terms? From this article it seems that two “summer” sessions will still take place, but I have yet to read anything anywhere regarding specific dates?

  3. okay…so…when is the late spring registration going to be available? we’re losing time, and some of us our admissions ALREADY. what more does the administration want us to lose?

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