A student was placed in psychological services on Tuesday after he verbally threatened to kill a division dean.

The student entered the Visual Arts and Media Studies office and talked to secretary Nhi Truong regarding a late add to a class he had been attending since the first day of school, said Interim Dean of Visual Arts and Media Studies Joseph Futtner.

After Truong had told the student that it was too late to add and that he still had not fulfilled the prerequisite for that particular class, she contacted his instructor, whom Futtner said had no reports about the student.

 Futtner then talked to the student and told him that it was too late and that the deadline was on March 9.

“Then he said in a quite voice with such strong conviction, ‘Oh yeah? I’ve got [gang] connections, and I’m going to kill you,'” Futtner said. “‘You take those glasses off because I’m going to kill you.'”

 Futtner walked back to his office and instructed the division assistants to contact campus police. The student grew suspicious and began moving towards the door, Futtner said.

 “I tried to clarify if he was just kidding,” Futtner said. “Then he said, ‘you think I’m kidding?'”

 Campus police arrived shortly after the call and the tone had changed completely, Futtner said.

 “He was telling them that he was just kidding,” the dean said.

 The student, who is described as a male in his late teens or early twenties, was escorted by campus police to the Psychological Services Department.

According to Chief of Police Frank Scialdone, the student was “very cooperative and posed no threat.”

 “No arrest was made and Pasadena police will not have to get involved,” said Scialdone. According to Scialdone, the student was placed in psychological services after campus police made assessments based on their communication.

 “Whether or not he gets released is not on us, Scialdone said. “He can be released by psychological services or detained on a psychological hold.”

 According to Futtner, the student had previously been identified by both campus police and Psychological Services as a student in need of attention. Because of this, a team of campus police and doctors on campus are implementing new ways to help students and make campus safer.

 “From my point of view, the people who immediately handled the situation were the best,” said Futtner, addressing Officer Tyler James Robin and Officer Alan Chan, who were the officers who replied to call

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