If there’s anything to be said about the number of ways in which students exercise, it’s this: many choose to have fun while doing it.Though going to the gym is still a popular choice for students-whether they use the on-campus facilities or not-some now also choose a variety of different sports and recreational activities in order to stay fit.

On one sunny day, cousins Michael Esperanza and Josh Clemente were found tossing the pigskin around on the grassy lawns by the Mirror Pools.

Neither played football in high school or college, Esperanza said, but enjoyed the recreational aspect of it nonetheless.

“I’m obviously not any good at it,” he said, laughing. “But it is fun, and I’m getting sweaty from being out here.”

“I would much rather play football,” said Clemente, “even if I am just throwing the ball around, than go to a gym and lift weights or run on a treadmill.”

Another popular game out by the Mirror Pools is Frisbee toss, or “ultimate Frisbee,” as it’s known by aficionados. During play, players toss the disk to one another over long distances, often running, leaping and diving to retrieve it.

“It’s such a workout,” said Jennifer Ha, slightly out of breath from running for a catch. “I didn’t think [ultimate Frisbee] would be so tiring until I actually tried it for myself. A gym membership is too expensive for me so I just come out here and play with my friends.”

Others, still, use methods of transportation as a way to keep fit. Ditching the norm of driving to school, a few students have chosen to skateboard and even rollerblade, with the most popular form of alternative transportation being the bicycle.

Student Sam Quan, who tries to ride his bike to PCC every day, said that in addition to it being his “early-morning and end-of-the-day exercise,” the trek to school and back is the most relaxing part of his day.

“I can just enjoy being by myself and feeling the wind go by,” he said. “That’s the best part, and I think the exercising comes second.”

Another visibly popular activity is dancing, as indicated by the large groups outside of the CC Building. For most of them, dancing is their sole form of exercise.

“I do it because I’ve danced almost all my life and it helps me stay in shape,” said Kristine Ramos. “Most of my friends dance too, and since a lot of us [take classes at PCC], we meet up here sometimes.

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