The Board of Trustees recently updated the policy for the office of student trustee this month and lowered the GPA required for a student to hold the position.

The board lowered the cumulative GPA from 2.5 down to 2.0 to comply with legal requirements instituted in July of last year.

“The Board formally reviewed the entire bylaw in July of 2014 as part of their 6-year review cycle,” Superintendent-President Dr. Rajen Vurdien said. “But sometimes we have to make revision outside the 6-year cycle.”

The most recent revision was prompted by auditors who pointed out the conflicting language under the compensation section. The change was under the student trustee privileges about the stipend he/she receives. Instead of the student member receiving compensation, the board has changed it into a scholarship that is administered through the Pasadena City College Foundation.

“Since it’s a scholarship and not compensation, the student trustee will not have to pay social security and taxes and so forth on,” said Trustee Dr. Jeanette Mann.

The scholarship awarded to the student trustee is worth $3,000 total and effective June 1. The trustee receives $250 per month over a period of 12 months. If the student trustee doesn’t attend a meeting he/she is eligible to attend, the monthly amount would be prorated.

With any board bylaw or board policy, updates are made when the regulations change or, as in this case, the auditors pointed out conflicting language.

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