Want to quit smoking but don’t know how? Student Health Services offers all enrolled students a Smoking Cessation Program to help ditch the habit.According to Coordinator of Student Health Services Jo Ann Buczko, this program started last year with the concept of making PCC a smoke-free campus.

“We wanted to be smoke-free, so we wanted to promote awareness if the law was enforced and give students a chance to quit,” Buczko said.

This six-to-eight week program is offered to full-time students attending PCC.

Because there are individual meetings, not being on campus hinders the success of the program.

“We don’t want students to get ready to quit and then fail,” Buczko said.

The program consists of eight sessions, each dealing with different problems faced by quitting smoking, and gears the student up for how to stay on track.

Each session is one-on-one and the student is provided with a pamphlet offering information, encouraging smokers to become former smokers and reminding them why they quit in the first place.

It also offers students nicotine replacement and medication therapies such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or the nicotine lozenge if needed, all for free.

The program costs students $15. However, if the student maintains attendance and participation with the program, they will get a refund.

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