In an effort to conserve resources on campus, PCC has decided to set up an overstock supply room to allow faculty and staff to utilize goods that would otherwise be wastefully disregarded.

Tunisia Bailey, the supervisor of the Community Business Center, and Ralph Humphrey, an intermediate clerk, have spearheaded the initiative to preserve all types of office goods on campus.

Via email, Bailey said that Facilities Services, along with herself and Humphrey, is encouraging campus staff and faculty to stockpile “specifically office supplies (pens, highlighters, scissors, staples & staplers, binders, printer ink, paperclips, rubber bands, desk organization items, etc.) … Basically, any type of office supply that is currently not being used or if a department has an excess supply of an item that might be of use to another department.”

This reservoir of supplies will be a collaborative effort to benefit all persons involved.

“For example, my office receives paperwork with paperclips often being attached. I will be adding these extra paperclips to the overstock supply room and I expect those paperclips will be useful to some other area,” Bailey said. “We are asking staff and faculty that need office supplies for their areas to contact Ralph to find out what might be available to them for free before they purchase items. It’s a simple system that helps departments share and circulate basic office supplies to reduce waste and save money.”

According to Bailey, the overstock room will be located in the storage room in C-121. Every office and department will have access to the overstock room and should contact Humphrey if they are in need of supplies or would like to donate supplies to the stock.

Bailey says that students will not have access to the items in the supply room, but that “Student Life has its own process in place for clubs that need office supplies.”

While Bailey does not have current data on which departments donated the most or which supplies are in the highest demand, she says that now is a great time to go through old office drawers.

“The various offices on campus will decide if they have no current need for an item or currently too much of it. We hope offices across campus will do a little “spring cleaning” and provide items they won’t be using so someone else can. It’s a win-win situation,” Bailey said.

Shelving has been installed in the supply by Humphrey and is ready to be stocked. The next step in filling shelves with supplies is getting the word out about the over stock supply closet.

Bailey would like to encourage anyone who would like more information about or are interested in the supply room to contact to find out what items are currently available or the best time to drop supplies off to him.

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