In the coming year, PCC’s campus caterer I-8 Food Services is set to bring Starbucks to food vendors on campus.

I-8 is a catering company that exclusively provides food for all events on campus, as reported by The Courier. In an email, I-8 production manager Tana Lim confirmed the news, though she declined to comment on the specifics of the project.

“Yes, we will have Starbucks full service units on this campus, within this Academic year,”  Lim said.

Executive Vice President of Associated Students (AS), Christopher Morales works closely with Ty Yu, the owner of I-8 Food Services. In his role as VP, Morales serves as the intermediary between I-8 and student organizations, as clubs communicate through him to get food for events and meets. Morales offered more details on the project based on his work with Yu.

“All of the places that serve coffee [on campus] are going to turn into Starbucks,” he said.

The three food vendors on campus he mentions include the Piazza, Java Hut and Lancer’s Pass.

Menu, prices and preparation will remain the same, adhering to the typical Starbucks standard, according to Morales.

“The staff here at PCC is being trained in Seattle so that way they know how to be real Starbucks baristas,” he said. “We’re not gonna have knock-off Starbucks, it’s gonna be real. It would be everything you would expect from a regular retail store.”

However, the similarities are not necessarily a benefit, according to first-year student Ashley Gennaro.

“It’s going to be more expensive and we’re already college students,” she said. “We’re already broke. What’s the point of making things more expensive?”

There is only one notable difference between locations on and off campus.

“It’s just the app that they’re not gonna use, but gift cards yes,” said President of AS, Kiely Lam.

There are no immediate plans to introduce other chains to PCC. However, in the future they would like to utilize other spaces on campus. One spot in particular would be the stands near the football field which Yu envisions as an ideal location for tailgates, according to Morales.

The addition of the new Starbucks locations is based on providing a positive experience for students.

“They’re trying to turn PCC into a more student friendly environment,” said Morales. “They want to improve campus life and make things more accessible for students.”

As for what the students themselves think, Gennaro doesn’t see Starbucks as an addition to the campus environment.

“I’m happy with PCC how it is,” she said. “We already have all the chains right outside. We don’t need them here. We already have a Starbucks across the street, why do we need another one?”

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