The Academic Senate voted on Monday against canceling its annual breakfast, which usually each year does not cover all its costs and loses around $2000, and redirecting the money to the graduation fund.

The proposal to cancel the event was defeated by 15-2.

The graduation fund is an initiative to offer high demand classes required for the completion of degrees or transfer to a four year college irrespectively of any budget cuts.

The discussion emphasized that the breakfast was a morale booster of the faculty. Paul Jarrell, natural sciences instructor,said  that this activity is important for the morale of the faculty.

A.C.Panella, performing and communication arts representative, added that this is good time to honor the institutional memory. “The campus morale is low and lately there is constant fighting” Panella said. “This event is not only for the support of faculty success but also to stimulate the faculty morale”.

Martha Bonilla, Senate secretary, presented the alternative of a less formal and less expensive event. She said canceling the breakfast was a “nice gesture from the faculty and the Senate to support the students and help the [graduation] fund”.

Senate member Pat Peach, proposed an alternative of keeping the breakfast and also encouraging the faculty to donate to the fund whether or not they to attend the breakfast.

For other members of the Senate, these two issues are not related. Swimming Coach Terry Stoddard said, “I’m in favor of both. I definitely support the graduation fund and the success of students, but I also support honoring members of our community that have given and dedicated themselves to education. They shouldn’t be tied together.”



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