The Academic Senate is currently accepting and reviewing applications for a yet to be determined number of scholarships for students who are transferring to a four-year accredited university within the next academic year.

Because the total amount of funds for the scholarships has yet to be tallied, Academic Senate President Dustin Hanvey has yet to confirm how many scholarships will be awarded. Yet he is hopeful that there will be more awarded this year than what the Senate normally awards.

“It is still undetermined but at least ten are being given out,” said Hanvey in an interview. “The tradition has always been ten. It may well be higher than that this year, but we’re still working on the details.”

Hanvey did confirm that Senate would award at least $10,000 in the ten traditional awards given. Should the Senate determine it has more in its scholarship fund, then more scholarships maybe awarded.

Funds for the scholarships come from many sources, Hanvey said. “We all are [contributors]. I am, members of faculty are. In the past [former instructor] Keith Miller has been a large contributor to our fund, giving as much as $5,000 a year. Many of us have money taken out of our paychecks to go to this fund, including faculty, staff and staff managers.”

According to the application, scholarships will be awarded in two categories: the Dean’s Honors Scholarship and the Keith Miller Educational Scholarship.

For the Dean’s Honors scholarship, applicants must have a 3.7 grade point average and have earned a Dean’s Honor for at least two semesters.

The Keith Miller Educational Scholarship, named after a major contributor and former PCC physics instructor, is for applicants who want to pursue a career in teaching. It requires that applicants have a plan to teach at the kindergarten through 12th grade level in their career. Applicants will also be required to maintain a 3.4 GPA and complete 30 units at PCC.

All applicants will be required to provide letters of recommendation from two of their instructors, along with an essay describing the applicant’s academic and work experience, as well as their educational and career goals, as well as their unofficial transcripts. For the Keith Miller Educational Scholarship, applicants would have to give details about their teaching career goals in their essays.

Applicants have till noon on Feb. 14 to submit their applications along with all the required material to the Academic Senate in room C227.



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