Pasadena City College announced plans to close its Rosemead location indefinitely because of a scheduling deal with the El Monte Union High School district, who will be taking back the building for its own use. 

PCC broke the news to students through email and social media posts.

“While this unfortunate step is not what we desired, it is the proper course of action at this time for our students, our community, and the district,” PCC President Erika Endrijonas stated.  “We deeply value the students, the community, and the families from the Rosemead and El Monte areas who study and work at PCC.”

This leaves PCC staff and students scrambling in order to figure out where to take classes, access tools the campus provided and where to further continue their studies. 

For history professor, Eloy Zarate, the close will be a dramatic change and will be difficult for every party involved. 

“Closing PCCR is catastrophic for the community.” Zarate said. 

Zarate also plans on making their voice be heard at next week’s Board of Trustees meeting. This move comes just months before the planned return of students to the PCC campus in the fall.

Ginger Wilson, a potential PCC student, was looking into joining the cosmetology program at PCCR for its convenience to her job in Hastings Ranch. Due to the closing of the campus and scarce transportation she will have to turn to another school to get her degree.

 “PCC was something I wanted, these sorts of classes don’t exist at the Colorado Blvd location, it sucks” said Wilson.

Although PCC had previously shown interest in purchasing the building from El Monte, the transaction did not follow suit. The El Monte Union High School District is moving forward with evicting PCC from the location, placing a notice on the doors to the Rosemead building.

The closing of the campus will affect everyone differently but one thing is certain, the whole community will hurt as a whole and finding accommodations for the classes that were held on campus will be a challenge.


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