Members of the campus community are upset, confused, and ashamed by the Aug. 29 vote by the Board of Trustees to radically restructure teaching divisions at the college.

Librarian and Academic Senate treasurer Daniel Haley explained at the meeting that the shared governance groups’ recommendation was not integrated into the new realignment plan. “The Academic Senate and College Council voted to retain academic divisions with all the deans in place. This is a completely different proposal,” he told the board.

Performing and Communication Arts Division Dean Jim Armwine felt that everyone may be confused, but he is not afraid of change. “We don’t really have a clear vision of the faculty chairs, though,” he said.

Faculty Association Secretary Paul John said it was a shame the Board would not consider the opinions of the shared governance groups on campus. “It really is a shame that we would like to move forward, that we really like to get wins for the students,” he said to the Board. “I wish you would make good, informed decisions with the faculty and students, not against them.”

Vice President of Education Services Robert Miller explained that while the discussion had been extensive, it was not until the past year that more people were involved. “In many people’s minds, we rushed to the finish line. But they didn’t realize the race had already began,” he said.

Assistant Super Intendant and Senior Vice President Robert Bell felt the same. “It’s kind of like a movie. But we didn’t have a lot of time to make the Trailer before the premiere,” he said.


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