Police are searching for a man suspected in the sexual assault of a woman student on Monday

A women reported a sexual battery to campus police after a man came up behind her on the first floor of the C Building and touched her in a sexual manner, according to police.

“As of right now, there are no new developments in the investigation,” said Interim Campus Police Chief Frank Scialdone, on Wednesday afternoon. Scialdone said in an interview that a man, who had touched the woman inappropriately, was still at large and had yet to be apprehended.

“We are looking for help,” said Scialdone. “We can’t do this by ourselves.  If anyone on campus sees any suspicious activity, they should report it right away to us. That would help.”

In a news release sent to the campus on Tuesday, police said that a woman had been looking at a bulletin board in the first floor corridor when the man came from behind her and asked what she was doing. She didn’t reply, but when she turned around to address the man, he had positioned himself closer to her.

According to the news release, the student turned her back to the man and a few moments later, turned to face him again. This time, the man placed one hand on her shoulder and the other around her waist. The student tried to push the man away, but he then placed both hands around her waist. Eventually, the man let go of the student, and left the location the press release said.

“He sounded a lot like a suspect we had arrested before,” said Campus Police Sgt. Steven Matchan, the investigating officer.

The campus police, after hearing the student’s description of the man, thought they knew who he might be, Matchan said. The police showed the woman pictures of a few suspects they had in mind, but she turned the photos back, saying there was not a match.

 Matchan said that there was a similar sexual battery reported Dec 5., in which the suspect has not been caught, but the police have ruled out that the two incidents are connected.

If you any information, call the campus police at (626) 585-7484.

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