PCC Police Blotter for November 9 to November 15


Monday, November 9

A transient was reported in Lot 1 possibly in need of medical attention, the officer on duty made contact with the transient and advised that she was okay and just sleeping.


Tuesday, November 10

Dispatch noticed a vehicle parked in Lot 1 with the driver inside possibly asleep, the officer made contact with the subject and advised them to leave campus.

Transient escorted off campus from the north side of the R-building.

Report of a vehicle collision on Hill and Colorado. Officer assisted with moving the vehicles out of the intersection; parties exchanged information. No injuries were reported.


Wednesday, November 11

Fire alarm activated in the Science Village. The area was searched and the alarm was reset.

Fire alarm activated once again in the Science Village. The area was searched and the alarm was reset again.

Multiple Skateboarders were escorted off campus from the south side of the library.


Thursday, November 12

Pasadena police advise that they received a report of a possible vehicle burglary near the Community Education Center. Officers made contact with the subject who suggested they were just locked out of their car.


Friday, November 13

Report of a transient who may have been under the influence loitering on Lot 5 level 1. Officer searched the area and suggested that the subject was off campus upon arrival.

The officer on duty reported that he witnessed the display case at the Campus Police lobby had been tampered with.


Saturday, November 14

Nothing to report


Sunday, November 15

Nothing to report



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