PCC Campus Police Blotter from Monday, March 21 to Sunday, March 27

Monday, March 21

Calls made of male yelling on the Northside of Colorado Boulevard to which the subject was asked to leave. After calls were made again, the subject was no longer found.

Two transients were reported attempting to use the shuttle to Rosemead campus. Transients were advised that the shuttle was for student use only.

Four students at the Shatford Library were reported refusing to put on masks by library staff. Students were masked upon arrival of campus police.

Tuesday, March 22

Transient reported being aggressive toward pedestrians north of the Shatford Library. Both subject and person they were arguing with were escorted off campus.

PCC Staff reported that several people in the Creveling Lounge were not wearing masks. The staff in charge of the event informed attendees of the masking policy.

An unknown suspect attempted to gain access to the CEC building overnight, damage was reported left on a patio door. Report taken.

Pasadena Police Department reported that a domestic violence incident occurred on campus in Lot 4. Arrest was made.

Wednesday, March 23

Facilities reported that two women were sitting on the ledge of a wall in lot 4, level 3 and were at risk of falling. Officers made contact and both women left.

Thursday, March 24

Student reported his laptop got stolen in a computer lab at the library. Report taken.

Friday, March 25

PCC staff reported that two transients were attempting to stay inside the D building while she tried to lock up. Both subjects left after an officer made contact.

Saturday, March 26

Transient reported sleeping inside the CC building elevator.

2 transcients found showering in the W building men’s locker room. Subjects were advised to leave campus to which they complied.

Sunday, March 27

A transient was reported sleeping North of the Circadian building.

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