Monday, Apr. 11:

Staff requested help for removing an individual that was not a part of the class. Officer Robins responded to the request and escorted the person off of campus.

Reports confirmed a vender who ran into and damaged a light pole with a cart near the Lancers Pass.

A student requested help when their instructor indicated that they were feeling nauseous as a result of medication that was taken earlier in the day. The instructor refused medical attention.

A report was filed for a stolen cellphone that was left on the 2nd floor of the library.

A student reported being sexually harassed on campus.

A male and female student were found arguing outside of the IT-building on the 2nd floor. Officer Arechiga reported to the scene and eased the tension between the two parties.

A professor and student requested an officer’s assistance to report their observations of a student verbally harassing female students during class at the Community Education Center.

Tuesday, Apr. 12:

A student was found in Lot 4 suffering from abdominal pain. With assistance from the Pasadena Fire Department, the student was transferred to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

A bicycle was stolen from the bicycle racks located near to the D-building.

Wednesday, Apr. 13:

A report was taken for a wallet that was stolen out of a student’s backpack.

An emergency lever was pulled on the 4th floor of the R-building which activated the alarm.

A car accident involving a student and an instructor was reported.

A student reported of being harassed by a classmate to an officer.

Thursday, Apr. 14:

A student requested to be transported to the Health Center after injuring their knee.

Reports were made of someone possibly casing vehicles on the 3rd floor of Lot 4. The individual fled the scene upon the arrival of an officer.

A wallet was stolen from the inside of a vehicle. The reporting party noted that they left one of the windows partially opened.

A group of officers searched for an individual that was yelling at students as they were passing by the library.

Friday, Apr. 15:

A female student refused a male’s repeated requests to take a picture with her. Officer Despain made contact with the male and escorted him off of campus.

Sergeant Abernathie confronted an individual protesting the parking citation he had received.

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