Monday, Feb. 29:

Four people were stuck inside an elevator in the R building. The faculty was able to help and release them without problem.

A man and a woman involved in a verbal confrontation in Lot 5 were escorted off campus by Officer Robins.

A man was challenging people to fight him in Lot 8. Officer Robins confronted the man and escorted him off campus.

Tuesday, Mar. 1:

A student scraped his knee, causing him to bleed. Cadets assisted him with the injury.

Wednesday, Mar. 2:

Four women were arguing outside of C-301. Officer Robins wad contacted and resolved the situation.

A couple was engaging in lewd acts while inside a parked vehicle in Lot 5. Officer Robins warned the couple and let them go.

The Pasadena Fire Department responded to a male having a seizure inside R-108. The man was then transferred to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

A male in the library was touching himself inappropriately while in the computer lab. Officers contacted him and conducted a warrant check with negative results. He was interviewed and asked to leave campus by Officer Chan.

Thursday, Mar. 3:

Five students seemed to be rehearsing scenarios with plastic guns between the CA and V building. Officer Despain contacted the students who turned out to be a part of the theatre department.

A cadet reported the smell of smoke coming from the third floor of the R building. An area check concluded that the odor was coming from the ceramics lab.

A purse was stollen inside CEC 141 and a report was taken by Officer Despain.

A cadet was dispatched to the CA building basement hall on an area check because students had been reported being loud. They were told to leave the area by the cadet.

Saturday, Mar 5:

Two cars hit each other off of Holliston and Green Street with no injuries reported.

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