Monday, May 1

A burglary was reported in the GM building.

An iPad was stolen from the pool deck.

A cell phone was stolen from a backpack in GM-215.

A suspect was seen loitering around the women’s restroom in the R-building and was escorted off campus.

A woman reported a man approaching women and asking odd questions near the Science Village. The man was gone upon police arrival.

An argument between a man and woman at the Community Education Center was reported, an officer contacted the subjects and counseled them.

Tuesday, May 2

There were multiple reports of a person casing vehicles inside of Lot 4. The area was checked but the person was not found.

A man had an anxiety attack near the CA-building, and was transported to the Health Center for assistance.

A hit and run occurred in the evening.

Wednesday, May 3

A person was causing a disturbance inside the library. An officer made contact with the person and counseled them.

A person was seen pacing back and forth on the east side of the CA-building, and was escorted off campus.

Thursday, May 4

Two hit and runs occurred within an hour of each other, and another later in the evening.

A man was reported viewing inappropriate material on a computer inside of LL-212, and was escorted off campus.

A man was reported shouting in the south side of the C-building. An officer made contact with and counseled the man.

Friday, May 5

A staff member reported that money was stolen from their purse while she supervised her class.

Custodial staff reported a female student advising a man walking through the woman’s locker room in the W-building. The man was transgendered and using the shower facilities.

A vehicle was reported vandalized at noon.

A visitor suffered from an allergic reaction and needed medical attention, as reported by the Community Education Center Staff. The Pasadena Fire Department was contacted and on scene. The visitor was suffering from an anxiety attack and was transferred to Hathaway Sycamores Foster Care by personnel.

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