Monday, March 04, 2019

A staff member reported a male transient sleeping inside of the 1st floor of the CA-bldg. The officer escorted transient off campus.

A courtesy report was taken for a student who suffered a domestic violence incident off campus. The student was provided with resource information and referred to Health Services and Personal Counseling for additional assistance on campus. The report was forwarded to jurisdictional police agency.

A student reported her vehicle was struck while parked in Lot 5. The officer met with the student and took a police report.

An officer escorted two female transients out of the quad.

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

A subject was seen loitering in Lot 5 level 3 via dispatch cameras. The subject left the area before the officer could make contact.

Facilities reported graffiti in the L building men’s restroom.

Two subjects were observed via dispatch camera wandering through the campus on bicycles. The officer made contact with subjects and were escorted off campus.

Transient was seen in Lot 4 level 4 via dispatch cameras. The officer made contact with the subject and escorted him off campus.

A cadet at the Community Education Center reported verbal altercation between a male and female. The officers responded and made contact with both parties, counseled and released them.

A student reported his vehicle was struck while parked in Lot 4. The student believed the vehicle next to him was at fault. The officer assisted the student and left a note on party 2 vehicle asking they exchange information with party 1. The student did not desire a police report at this time.

Staff reported a male feeling faint at the Aquatic Center. Officers made contact with subject and per his request, escorted him to the Health Center for further evaluation.

A subject reported an irate transient man who was panhandling in the Campus Center. The officer responded to the area and conducted an area check for the transient and was unable to locate him.

Staff reported a male cutting a bicycle lock near the Annex bungalows. The officer made contact with the subject who was okay. The owner of the bicycle was present and advised his grandfather was cutting the lock for him.

Facility members reported graffiti inside the R building elevator.

Faculty members reported a female yelling and cursing at a custodian in the quad. Officers responded to the area and escorted the female off campus.

A mother of a PCC student stated she was unable to get into contact with her daughter who was supposed to meet her after class. Officers made contact with the PCC student inside of her class.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Faculty members reported three male subjects inside the library. Officers checked out the area but they were unable to locate any subjects. In addition to the library, faculty reported seeing subject who matched the description of the males at the FS building and CDC. All areas were checked with negative results. A description of the subjects and the circumstances was passed along to all night shift patrol officers.

Piazza staff emailed a picture to campus police of a transient possibly stealing an item from the Piazza. The reporting party contacted and advised that no theft occurred. The transient touched a food item and was asked to not place it back in bundle. The transient was allowed to take the item and asked not to return to the piazza.

Staff members reported a transient sleeping near the east corridor of the stadium. The transient was escorted off campus.

Thursday, March 07, 2019

An officer observed a male standing in the corner behind a soda machine in lot 5 level 3. Contact was made with the subject and the officer reported that it was a student.

A staff member reported a transient camped out in the C building in the third floor hallway. The officer responded to the area and was unable to locate the subject.

A bookstore staff member requested assistance with a subject who may have been stealing a book. An officer responded and reported that the book was returned to the shelf.

Facilities reported that there was a group of females in the Conference Center who were not on the room reservation schedule. They were escorted out.

Facilities reported a transient sleeping inside of the Community Education Center on the second floor. Officers responded and escorted the subject off the campus.

Friday, March 08, 2019

Construction workers requested assistance in removing a subject from the track who was refusing to leave. The subject left upon cadet arrival.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

A cadet reported graffiti inside the second floor C building men’s restroom. Graffiti also found on the poster outside the men’s restroom.

An officer escorted a transient off campus from the IT building second floor.

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