Monday, February 25

A transient was reported on Lot 1. Officers escorted the transient off campus.

Graffiti was reported in the men’s restroom in the R building. Officers inspected the area and took vandalism report.

Transients were reported in the mirror pool. Officers found one transient, no action was taken.

A female was reported stealing from the campus bookstore. After officers communicated with library employees, it was found that theft did not occur.

Student reported hit a run on Lot 4. Report was taken by officers.

Hit and run reported by student on parked vehicle on Lot 5. Officers took hit and run report.

Officers escorted two transients out of W building.

Dispatch reported a transient in CA building. Officers escorted transient out off campus.

Tuesday, February 26

A student reported a collision between a moving and a parked vehicle. Officers reported no injuries, contacted registered owner of the parked vehicle and had parties exchange insurance information.

Student reported a traffic collision and one of the drivers refusing to exchange insurance information. Officers assisted at the scene and helped the parties exchange insurance information.

Wednesday, February 27

Library employees reported a transient sleeping in the library. Officers escorted transient off campus.

Dispatcher reported an individual riding a bicycle wandering around campus. Officers reported the individual had left campus after checking Lot 5 where he was last seen.

C building personnel reported a burning odor on the 2nd floor hallways. Officers reported the odor was coming from construction materials and facility provided fans to vent the odors out of the building.

Hit and run reported on Lot 5 by Lancer. Officers took hit and run report.

Student reported a hit and run in Lot 4. A hit and run report was taken by officers.

A Police Cadet reported a transient setting up camp in the Library. Officers asked transient to leave premises when library closes.

A transient was reported by a student sleeping in the elevator in Lot 5. The transient was escorted off campus by officers.

Students were reported by a Cadet committing indecent acts inside a vehicle in Lot 4, level 5. Officers contacted students in the vehicle and couldn’t corroborate reports by Cadet.

Thursday, February 28

GM building staff reported a subject wandering around and being loud in the hallways. Officers reported the subject was a student.

A male was arrested for assault on campus and taken to Pasadena Police jail.

Officers assisted PPD in locating a male holding a fork and taunting students. Officers located the male in the GM building and PPD took him into custody.

Students reported a female attempting to commit suicide by jumping off the walkway overpass in the R building. Officers contacted the female and was taken to Huntington Memorial Hospital for mental evaluation.

A student was transported to the campus Health Center after experiencing health complications.

Library employees reported a male and female arguing. Officers contacted one of the individuals and escorted them off campus.

The burglar alarm set off in the CA building. Officers checked the area and found no activity.

The fire alarm set off in the IT building. Officers inspected the area and only found an error message on the alarm panel.

Friday, March 1

A student reported a physical altercation with boyfriend off campus. Officers contacted the Police Department where the altercation occurred and provided the student with information on domestic violence.

Campus employees reported a female acting strange in the on the 2nd floor in the C building. Officers checked the area and did not find the female.

A student reported a male in the W building restrooms making weird noises. Officers checked the restroom in the W building and couldn’t find the male.

A student in the R building, room 304 reported her laptop stolen after leaving it unattended.

Students reported transients showering in the W building women’s locker room. Officers contacted the transients and escorted them off campus.

Saturday, March 2

A cadet reported damage to one of parking lot poles in Lot 1. Security camera footage showed a vehicle striking the pole and leaving the area. Report was taken and the facility notified.

A male causing disturbance on the 2nd floor men’s restroom in the C building was reported. Officers communicated with the male and escorted him off campus.

Sunday, March 3

PPD reported to PCCPD of a call received about a female being chased in the E building. Officers searched the building and did not find the female in distress.

Cadet reported two people arguing in Lot 5. Officers contacted the parties involved, advised and released them.

Campus staff reported a suspicious male in the west side of the CC building. Officers contacted the male, arrested and transported him to PPD jail.

A cadet reported a disoriented elderly female set off the fire alarm in the CA building. Officers assisted the female by calling paramedics to treat a minor injury on her hand and was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for medical examination.


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