PCC Police Blotter from November 23 to November 29.


Monday, November 23

A cadet reported a suspicious broken window at the Community Education Center. The report was taken.

A report was taken of a man “acting suspicious” outside of the C Building. Officers checked the area but could not locate him.

A report of a man possibly inside the women’s restroom in the L Building. When people in the area were asked about this man, they said they did not see anyone. Officers checked the area and were unable to find him.

Cadets informed dispatch that the Cadet cart was missing from the quad area. All units performed a campus-wide search and were able to find the cart in Lot 4 on level 1.


Tuesday, November 24

Faculty reported loud noises coming from inside the Community Education Center. Officers approached the area and found the subjects loitering, and advised them to leave campus.


Wednesday, November 25

Nothing to report.


Thursday, November 26

A transient was found in parking Lot 5 on the 4th level. Officers escorted him off campus.


Friday, November 27

Nothing to report.


Saturday, November 28

A vehicle was reported in Lot 10, with an occupant inside. Officers approached the vehicle and advised them to leave campus.


Sunday, November 29

Nothing to report.



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