Monday, May 22

At 4 a.m., an officer escorted a homeless person off of school grounds at the Child Development Center.

A person was escorted off campus after reports of them asking for money in the Quad.

A woman reported a man was yelling insults at her and her friends near the Mirror Pools. The area was checked by officers but the person was gone when they arrived.

A student’s backpack was stolen from from the GM building. A report was taken.

A student’s bike was reported stolen from the shuttle stop bicycle racks. A report was taken.

Tuesday, May 23

Two people had an argument west of D building. An officer counseled the two and they were released.

A report was taken for a student whose vehicle was vandalized on campus.

A student reported their bike was stolen from the Lot 5 bicycle racks.

A student reported a possible homeless person inside the third floor C building restrooms. The area was checked by officers with negative results.

Officer Chan escorted a homeless person off campus from the east side of the CC building around 11 p.m.

Wednesday, May 24

Around 12:30 a.m. a man and woman were observed on security camera arguing in Lot 5. The two were counseled and sent off campus.

The PCC police were asked to assist Pasadena Police Department in locating a suspect who had shattered a window at the Tea Express on Bonnie Ave. The suspect was located in the GM building men’s shower area and was taken into custody by Pasadena PD.

Staff notified campus police of a man acting strangely and harassing people who pass by. The man had previous contact with campus police and was arrested for trespassing.

Facilities reported vandalism in the Lancers Pass men’s restroom. A report was taken.

Friday, May 26

A homeless person was escorted off campus from inside the GM building men’s locker room.

A cadet escorted a homeless person off school grounds at the Rosemead campus.

Sunday, May 28

An officer discovered graffiti in Lot 4, level 4 between level 4 and 5. A report was taken.

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