Monday, March 5th

A report was made that an instrument has yet to be returned to the Music Lab by a student from last fall semester.

A bike was reported stolen from the south bike racks next to the Annex bungalows.

A male parked in Lot 4 level 1 was reported as repeatedly slamming their car door onto an adjacent vehicle due to an argument between each party, causing damage to the recipient’s door.

A report came in that requested officers to locate a distraught female student in the R building after she had been sending text messages with intent to hurt herself.

It was reported that a flashlight was stolen from a cart in Lot 7 belonging to facilities personnel.

A report came in of a stolen bike that was left unattended on Colorado Blvd. prior to the event.

A verbal disturbance was reported to have occurred in the E Building.

Tuesday, March 6th

A male transient was spotted sleeping inside the IT Building elevator. Police escorted him off campus.

It was reported that a female student had fallen down the stairs in front of the bookstore. She was transported to the Health Center.

A female student reported being followed by an unknown male; it’s unknown whether or not the subject was a student. Police advised her to contact them if the subject is seen again.

A man was reported to be yelling profanities and comments regarding immigration with a Hispanic female in L Building. Police escorted him off campus.

A hit and run was reported to have occurred in Lot 4 two days ago.

Two males were reported to be verbally fighting in front of the L Building. Officers were unable to locate them as they were gone upon arrival.

A male student was reported to have dislocated their wrist during soccer class on the stadium. A Pasadena Rescue Ambulance transported them to the hospital.

Wednesday, March 7th

Staff reported that their office doors in the V Building were unlocked and they requested an officer to check for a possible break-in. There were no signs of forced entry.

A student was verbally abusing front counter personnel in the B Building regarding their lost item being found and locked away. The situation was resolved after the item was returned.

A disturbance complaint was reported on students being too loud in the hallway near the music library in the CA Building. Students were advised.

It was reported that students could be heard yelling from inside an elevator in Lot 4 level 5. Police found the elevators to be empty.

A female student reported a male subject following her between the R Building and the Campus Police office. The subject was later recognized to be a student of the college.

Thursday, March 8th

A male transient carrying a bike on the south side of the C Building was escorted by Police off campus.

Two transients were reported to be sitting inside the elevator of Lot 5 while on a mattress. Police reported them to be gone upon arrival.

A registered male student was reported for being loud while walking on the third floor of the CA Building.

A male subject who was yelling loudly in the quad was promptly escorted off campus by Police.

Staff reported a male subject asking questions regarding campus safety and officers. Staff said they felt unsafe.

Two students were reported to be bothering and questioning others in the area of Lancer’s Pass. They were found to be conducting an informal survey for their club and the situation was resolved.

A male subject was reported to be asking strange questions while walking on campus. Officers reported him to be gone upon arrival and were unable to locate him.

Friday, March 9th

A student was reported to be taking pictures of people coming out of the Child Development Center while inside a vehicle in Lot 11. The student was actually viewing videos on their phone and the situation was resolved.

A subject was escorted off campus after reports came in of them yelling profanity west of the R Building.

A report was made that a student had accidentally cut herself with a knife and began to bleed profusely. She was treated with first aid.

A male subject was escorted off campus after being reported for yelling and being possibly intoxicated north of the L Building.

A report was made by Staff for a student who had an incident off campus. This was reported to the local Police Department.

A male subject was reported to be casing an unlocked vehicle with valuables left in the open in Lot 5. Police investigated this and discovered the vehicle belonged to the subject and the situation was resolved.

A student reported his trumpet stolen after leaving it unattended on the south east corner of Lot 7.

Saturday, March 10th

A male transient was reported to be sleeping in the west stairs of the C Building. They were discovered to be a student and the situation resolved.

Sunday, March 11th

Two subjects were reported to be charging their phones north of C Building, and were advised to leave the premises.

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