Monday, February 12

Library staff requested assistance with two people, male and female, possibly having an argument north of the library on the lawn area. The man left the area while the woman remained and slept on the lawn. The woman was spoken to and she made known that she wasn’t a student on campus, and was asked to leave.

Staff requested assistance with a woman who felt faint on the bookstore’s second floor. The paramedics were contacted because the woman has a history of heart problems. The paramedics treated the woman in the bookstore, who refused to be taken to the hospital. The woman was then taken to Lot 3 to be driven home by her husband.

Staff reported a grey cadillac with no license plates parked in Lot 8 in the handicap drop-off area. An officer contacted the owner of the vehicle who was told to move it elsewhere.

Campus police called paramedics for a student who was hit by a car exiting a Chik-Fil-A parking lot, resulting in a knee injury. Paramedics took the student to the Huntington Memorial Hospital for evaluation for possible other injuries.

Staff called for paramedics for a female athlete who was suffering from the flu and was seriously dehydrated from her workouts. Paramedics transported the student to Huntington Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Tuesday, February 13

A student reported their vehicle was vandalized while parked on campus. An officer met with the student and took a police report.

There was a vehicle that was stuck in an alleyway next to Lot 10. The center of the car was stuck on a short curb area. The driver possibly attempted to enter Lot 10 not noticing there was no entrance. A tow truck was called to the scene to help.

A student reported a traffic accident that happened on Green Street next to Lot 10. No injuries occured and information was exchanged between both parties.

Parents of a student asked the police to check in on a student who didn’t make it home at their usual time. The student was found okay in class and was asked to call their parents.

Two homeless persons were escorted out of the W building.

Wednesday, February 14

Staff reported a male subject was yelling inside of L-114. Officers came by, spoke to him and then escorted him off the campus.

A transient found showering inside the men’s restroom at the CEC center was escorted off campus.

Thursday, February 15

An officer was called to check the forum for a subject that was seen loitering in the area.

Paramedics responded to a subject who was feeling faint in Lot 8. They were transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Staff reported a transient loitering near the Transfer Center. An officer responded to the area and the subject was gone on arrival.

There were reports of a male subject inspecting vehicles in Lot 1. An area check was conducted with no results. The subject was gone on arrival.

Tuesday, February 20

A suspicious vehicle was reported parked west of Lot 3 with two male persons inside. They ended up being contractors waiting for work to start.

An unknown vehicle struck a student’s black Nissan XTerra on the right rear bumper while parked in Lot 5, Level 4D in the morning. A report was taken.

A transient roaming across campus, near the bookstore, Piazza and mirror pools was escorted off campus.

A student reported that his vehicle was keyed while parked on campus.

A transient was found inside the L Building and escorted off campus.

Wednesday, February 21

An unattended 12-year-old was found in a grey Nissan parked in Lot 11. The parent was contacted by cell phone to return back to her vehicle and attend to the child.

A student reported that the vehicle that was parked next to her in Lot 5, Level 2D hit her car and didn’t leave their information behind. The owner of the car in question was contacted and exchanged information.

Reports were made of a male dressed in military fatigues shouting bible verses while walking through campus and through the 4th floor of the R building.

The Pasadena Fire Department was notified that campus police received a report of a fire in Lot 5, Level 3B. Ultimately, there was no fire; the student had an overheated vehicle.

Facilities reported that a male black transient had been in a restroom stall for three hours at the CEC’s men’s restroom on the 2nd floor. The transient was told by an officer to leave campus.

A student reported that a female hispanic person threatened him in the midst of an argument west of the of the CA building. An officer spoke to both parties. The woman in question denied the threats, but admitted to having a heated argument with the student. The matter was resolved.

Staff reported that some tables in the WiFi Lounge of the Campus Center were damaged. Officers responded, checked out the damages and concluded that the damages were of no malicious intent, but because of daily use.

Thursday, February 22

An officer took a report of a female student who was in her vehicle that got hit by another student who was backing out of her parking space in Lot 5, Level 3D.

An officer took a report of a student who lost his wallet earlier in the day near the Science Village and the Library who found that his card was being used off campus.

Officers responded to a staff member’s reports that a male black associate, wearing a red hat and black pants, was yelling in the room next to D208. The man in question was already calmed down by the time of the officers’ arrival.

An officer took a report of a student who observed damages to her vehicle and believed they probably occurred the previous morning in Lot 4, Level 3A.

An officer was flagged down and took a report for a hit-and-run traffic collision that occurred in Lot 3.

An officer took a field interview report of a female student who reported that someone took her brown purse that she left on the shuttle van on Tuesday evening.

An officer was contacted by a student who was involved in a non-injury traffic collision on Del Mar Blvd. The student was told by the Pasadena Police Department to contact PCC campus police for report.

A student reported a hit-and-run collision with minor damage  which occurred between 01:40 to 03:30 p.m. in Lot 5, Level 4.

Officers were called in regards to a male, white associate in his mid-20s with dark hair and a beard, wearing a black shirt, who was standing outside of D209 with what appeared to be a hunting knife. The subject was later found with a wooden replica of said knife.

There was a report that a hit-and-run collision occurred the day before in Lot 5, Level 4 with damage done to the passenger side of the victim’s vehicle. Black paint was transferred onto the victim’s vehicle .

Friday, February 23

An anonymous tip was received in regards to an assault that occurred two days prior around 01:30 P.M. near the Hutto-Patterson gym. Surveillance camera footage shows a male appearing to have struck a female walking eastbound from the gym. No victim has reported an assault at the time.

An officer escorted a female, who was suffering from abdominal cramps in the women’s restroom on the 3rd floor of the C building, to her vehicle.

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