Monday, February 5th

Campus police responded to and escorted off campus a transient collecting recyclables from the trash bins in the Quad.

A potentially suicidal student was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital after campus psychological services assisted the student who felt distraught and paranoid.

Tuesday, February 6th

A transient was reported panhandling east of Lancer’s Pass. The transient was escorted off campus by Campus Police.

Staff reported that a man in his 30s was drinking beer in the men’s restrooms on the 2nd floor of the C building.

Campus Police discovered vandalism on the walls of an elevator in the IT building while on patrol.

Wednesday, February 7th

A man was disturbing the peace by yelling vulgar statements to passersby on the west side of the CA building.

A transient was panhandling in Parking Lot 5, on the second floor.

A suspicious person was making obscene hand gestures to students in the WiFi Lounge at the Campus Center.

A student reported to Campus Police that he is receiving criminal threats via social media.

A student lost a painting in Parking Lot 10.

Thursday, February 8th

A transient was reported bathing in the 2nd floor men’s restroom at the Community Education Center.

A transient yelled at a student while she was using the microwave in the Campus Center Piazza.

Police received a report of a suspicious person shouting out strange things. The suspect claimed that he was rapping.

A hit-and-run collision occurred in Parking Lot 4, on the first floor.

An attempted assault was reported by a female student. A male on the Gold Line attempted to grab the female student. The female student later observed the suspect in the L building.

Friday, February 9th

Campus Police assisted a student with recovering his property after it had been left behind on the sidewalk of Green Street and Holliston Avenue.

Saturday, February 10th

Pasadena Police Department was notified of a suspicious white vehicle with a smashed rear window that was doing circles in Parking Lot 11. The suspect vehicle had left the parking lot by the time police arrived.

Sunday, February 11th

No activity was reported by campus police.

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