Monday, March 26

A female student reported her wallet was stolen while she was showering in the women’s locker room of the GM building. An officer took a report.

A student’s father living in South Korea requested a check on his daughter who hadn’t contacted him in three days. The daughter was advised by officers to contact her father.

A suspicious white male in his 30s wearing a blue shirt, white pants and walking a bicycle was reported for possible lewd conduct. The man was reportedly loitering in front of the L Building with his hands in his pants. Authorities were unable to locate the subject.

Tuesday, March 27

A disruptive male student in the C-building at about 9 a.m refused to leave class after being requested to leave by the instructor. The student was then interviewed by the police before leaving the area.

A 56-year-old student was transported to the hospital by the Pasadena Fire Department after complaining of chest pains.

A report was issued involving two males engaged in a verbal altercation after one of the parties asked the other for his girlfriend’s Instagram account information. The matter was resolved after both parties were counseled.

Wednesday, March 28

Officers responded to a male with a microphone who was reportedly yelling at students near the northeast corner of the C Building. The officers concluded that the male was making religious statements and expressing his opinions in an orderly manner.

A student reported that another student in her class was bothering her with unwanted attention. The instructor was contacted by the student and her mother regarding the incident.

Graffiti was reported in the northeast elevator near LL-221.

A cadet reported a verbal altercation between three men in lot 5. Afterwards, the officer concluded the students were involved in political debate.

A cell phone was reported stolen from the library after the phone was left charging on the third floor. An unknown subject stole the phone while the female student’s back was turned. Surveillance footage showed a female with long black hair, dark hoodie, and ripped blue jeans stole the phone and then left the library with a white adult male. Officers took a report.

Thursday, March 29

A student reported a hit-and-run occurred while his car was parked on Lot 4, level 1 between 8:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Scratches were found on a rear passenger door and officers took a report.

An officer extinguished a smoldering backpack in CA-211. A student later stated he unplugged his charger from the wall and put it into his backpack where it overheated and caused a fire.

Friday, March 30

No activity reported for this period.

Saturday, March 31

A 22-year-old male student was transported to the hospital by the Pasadena Fire Department after suffering a seizure at the Community Education Center’s multipurpose room 226.

Sunday, April 1

An elderly male attending the Flea Market fell unconscious in Lot 5 Level 3 at about 5:20 a.m. After he regained consciousness, the man advised that he had suffered a blood clot in his right foot and the Pasadena Fire Department transported him to the hospital.

A female in Lot 5 Level 3 claimed someone stole $100 from her purse. Upon further investigation, a surveillance video showed no crime had been committed.

A female near the east side of the CA building was treated with first aid after having cut herself and bleeding profusely.

A man reported his wallet was stolen from his pocket at Lot 5, Level 3. The wallet was found at the information booth and returned to owner.

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