Monday Nov. 30:

A female student reported that her car window was shattered in Lot 3 on Wednesday.

Dwayne from CEC Admin requested a cadet in Lot B to look into a possible hit and run. Cadet Chen reported that it appeared a vehicle parked adjacently to the student’s car left a scratch on the door.

Tuesday Dec. 1:

A professor called the campus police to report a student being threatened by another student in R-213. The suspect yelled while the professor escorted the threatened student to the campus police.

A student alerted the campus police of people smoking marijuana near the Mirror Pool area. Cadet Dominguez advised students in the area that smoking on campus is prohibited.

A student reported his bicycle stolen from the north of forum near the shuttle stop.

Another student reported his iron horse mountain bicycle stolen from the west side of the L building.

Wednesday Dec. 2:

On camera, a man looked at a dismantled bike locked to a bike rack near the V building. The suspect was detained and transported to campus police. He was checked for warrants but didn’t have any.

A male with high blood pressure reported his left arm tingling and was transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

A female with a history of seizures felt dizzy and was attended by Jo Buscko from the Health Center. She was then transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Thursday, Dec. 3:

A male inside Admissions and Records began to shout “I’m a terrorist and I won’t mind f’ing everyone up” after being unable to complete a transaction. No weapons were seen as he stood by the main window. He was searched for warrants and had negative results. He was then transported to the Pasadena Police Department.

A student reported that the passenger window of her vehicle was shattered while she was in class.

An explosion was heard near the Z building which turned out to be a kiln oven that exploded due to a possible gas leak from within it. Plumbers shut off the gas. There was no fire danger to the building. The Z building was evacuated following the incident.

Two people occupying a vehicle while drinking alcohol were cited.

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